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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yanmar motors in sailboats info.

Below is some dialog from the Yanmar rep to Count Ferrari.  We should heed his advice.   I know I love my little 4JH2E 4 cylinder!  I guess the Yanmars (built in Japan) are all so similar the advice below is good for any of them.

Hi Eric,
Thanks for the input.
A few notes to change Yanmar holds a 70% market share in sailboat installs by Original Equipment Manufacturers. Volvo is second with 20% and others are Kubota, Westerbeek/Universal,Isuzu etc. 85% percent of all sailboat repowers are Yanmar.
Valves are adjusted after first 50hrs and every 2500hrs there after.
Injectors are usually checked when a performance problem is appearing (either hard start or excessive fuel burn or odd smoke color) They should be removed for inspection every 2500-3000hrs or 5 years.
-5-15 minutes of wide open throttle every 5hrs of run time at cruise.
Stanadyne additive is used to increase lubricity as USLD is dry and not very slippery.
Diesel fuel suppliers suggest diesel can be stored for up to 1 year without additives, depending on clean original tankage.(not mixing with old fuel).
Impellers should be inspected every year and replaced every 2 years for piece of mind.

Remember to let everyone know about the gear in neutral when sailing!

DO NOT SAIL in REVERSE GEAR.  For feathering props, put them in reverse to get the feather and then put them in the CORRECT (from Yanmar Advisory MSA08-003) position of neutral!

Best regards,

From: Eric Sorensen []
Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2011 11:34 AM
To: Steven Ross
Subject: Yanmar presentation


Thanks again for your enlightenment on our motors.  The little talk you gave us really was a good bit of info.

I am posting the information below, based on my notes and memory.  Can you check them over and let me know if I missed something or got it correct?

My blog site is here.  

Photos and other text to be loaded in soon.

Count Enrico
Friday, May 6, 2011:
(This part is for the Catalina 42 owners and others with Yanmar motors in their boats)
The presentations begin.  We started with a Yanmar workshop given by Steven Ross, 1-886-948-5996, and his boss (I didn’t get his card).  They drove a van in and unloaded a new Yanmar 2 cylinder motor to point at while on the talking points.  Apparently Yanmar and Kubota are the motor install for 80% of sailboat auxiliary motors.  I know I love my own 4 cylinder that just keeps chugging.
Things to note:
1.    Transmission oil should be NON detergent single weight (30 wt)
2.   Change out impeller every 2 years.  Use Johnson Pump impellers and soap for installation lube.
3.   Oil changes every 100 hours or each year for sure.  The age of the oil is more important than the hours so when I put 150 hours on in two months, that was not an issue.
4.   Injectors, valves, and heads looked over every 2500 hours.
5.   Check engine mounts for cracking after 5 years.  Replace if seen.
6.   Run Wide Open Throttle for 15 minutes every 5 hours.  The engines love to be run hard.  IF you cannot get 3400 RPM at WOT you may be propped a bit strong.  ( I can rev to 3600 but only ran at 3400 for the burn off 15 minutes).  Cruising revs should be around 2500, but 2800 is no worries.
7.   Check hoses and belts regularly for cracks and soft bulges, replace if seen.  Use Yanmar hoses as they are preformed for the correct shape.  Belts from auto stores are fine.
8.   If there is white dust in your engine compartment, check the heat exchange exhaust riser.  Replace if there are micro holes.  (This is where the white dust (salt) comes from.)  Catalina can supply you with the stainless risers or get the cast iron from Yanmar.
9.   Stana Dyne was a recommended engine additive, but I cannot remember why.
10.                      Biocides in fuel are a good idea.
11.                      Fuel stabilizers are good if the boat is not to be used in a year.  Diesel is good for one year apparently.

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