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Monday, September 24, 2012

GHEDI 2012 Disc Golf Fall Classic

Did you ever have a fantastic day?  Many things can go into one but September 23, 2012 might be one of the best for Count Enrico Ferrari.

Griffin Hill Equinox Discgolf Invitational
Fall 2012
Items to consider:
Perfect fall weather, morning to night in the mid 70s and full sun all day.
Griffin Hill Equinox Disc Invitational was this day.
15 disc friends showed UP
The Count played 46 holes of disc golf.  Tied a course record.   Most improved.  And more!
Too much food and all of it wonderful.  Kudos for the crab bisque!
A nice personal attitude adjustment that worked all day long.
Two dog showers after everyone went home on VERY swamped UP dogs.
Awards ceremony with too much loot to distribute.   Extras will carry over to next tournament.  Everyone got a prize!
New awards showed UP and were very cool.  Need to document these awards with photos.
The estate was prepped and groomed and everyone commented on how nice the place looked, which was very rewarding.
Sold my extra dinghy.
Had 5 dogs prowling around the place having dog fun.
The Countess road two horses while discs flew.  No horses hit by any discs.  Good wrangling!
Sitting around in dappled sunlight at the end of the day!

Happiness discourse:
My mother (Bodil Marie Sorensen) said “Happiness is doing”. 
Whether one is ballroom dancing, sailing, skiing, disc golf ( my own activities) everyone is happy and having fun.  My mother seems to be on to something. 

The attendees, minus the late boy Bling.  Just prior to taking the field for the singles round on the 18 hole course.
The Awards ceremony with too much good stuff to award!

Bee Eh! with his winning follow through for CTP during the
playoffs.  He bestowed the "2nd Place Trophy" on his
partner, Stranger.

Devil Mon throwing on 3 with Stranger watching for trees.

Ahwz, DD, Sunshine, Stranger, Porter, and the Count
waiting for arrivals in the AM.

Tiffany throwing on 6 during the 10 hole
doubles round.
Sunshine, supported by Polisher gets coaching from Bee Eh! on how to putt from the roof.  Not awarded a stroke!

Looking UP at hole 5 and the horses that can NOT be disced.

Below you will find the list of awards and their histories after a photo of the very artistic Scoreboard!

A strange sun filter shot in panaramic mode that looks foggy.  Shows the target for hole 5 and 14 and someone putting out of the woods.

UP in Smoke Award
(Player Anecdotal evidence needed)

Awarded to the player who consumed the most breathing material during the tournament.Awarded by popular acclaim

2010 spring:  Acehole for exhaling just prior to throw on 2 for the 18.
2011 Spring GHEDI:  Hawkeye after many attempts to capture it finally emerges breathing properly.
GHEDI Spring 2012:  Awarded to Tim “Acehole” Settara
So messed UP he left his stash on the course!
GHEDI Fall 2012: ‘ Polisher’ by acclaim, no contest!

The Skywalker Award
(Player Anecdotal evidence needed)

Could it be for most controlled flight around or through obstacles? The "Force" most felt? or the avoidance of a near calamity?
History:  New for spring of 2010
2010 Spring:  Astroman by acclaim

GHEDI Spring 2012:  Shaun “Shaundog” Lewis with a new HUGE inflated trophy as his was the only name nominated for the award. Hole 3
GHEDI Fall 2012:  Sunshine Sloan, scored an ACE on hole 2!

The Fatal Attraction Award.
(The Stalker Award?)
(Player Anecdotal evidence needed)

Follows someones slip stream to their detriment or lands on top of someone elses disc.
History:  New for spring of 2010
Not awarded

GHEDI Spring 2012:  Not awarded, no evidence submitted
GHEDI Fall 2012:  Tiffany followed her partner ‘Waffle Dough’ to the detriment of both.



Awarded to Bling Ling and Devil Mon Dore for finishing 2nd Place.  There was a fight over who was taking it home!  It ended up at Alpenglow.

2010 Spring: Ling Cod and Astro, Ling craftily got it to go home with Astro.

GHIDN 2011:  Awarded to Kevin ‘Muamar’ Olney

GHEDI Spring 2012:  Awarded to BA and Pam but BA got it in his car first…What a gentleman.

GHEDI Fall 2012:  Stranger Sloan took it home after being tied with 7 others.  In the playoff, it was awarded by the CTP winner, (her partner in the doubles, Bee Eh).

Traveler Award

Awarded to the person who had to come the furthest to attend.
May they get good use from this chart and navigate more easily.
(Can only be won once)

History:  New for spring of 2010

2010 Spring:  Astroman from ghettos near Mt. Rainier

GHEDI Spring 2012:  Awarded to the person that got UP the earliest to attend.  John “Jalapeno” Guckeen got up at 2PM the previous day, went to work and the got off and came discing!
GHEDI Fall 2012:  Rear Admiral Papjani traveling all the way from Braindamage Isle.

Most Regular Award
(Score keeper calculation needed)
For a finish in the middle of the pack.
A roll of Costco’s finest wipe.
History:  HiHAwarded to John ‘Rear Admiral’ Papajani who deserves this award for middle of the road play.
GHEDI September 20, 2009
Awarded to Astroman Carbon after a playoff with Goony. 
2010 Spring:  Candy Mon in the middle.  “It will last 6 sessions”.
GHIDN 2011:  Count Ferrari  “My favorite award”

GHEDI Spring 2012:  Mike ‘Spike Lee’ Lea
GHEDI Fall 2012:  ‘Devil Mon’ Dore for scoring in the middle of the field with a -5 score two tourneys in a row!

GHEDI 9/20/2009
Awarded to the best course improver.
Dave ‘Lucky’ Hodgman for trimming cedar branches on Hole 6 with ladder, handsaws, and chainsaw!  Assisted by Pi Mencher.
2010 Spring:  Spike Lea
Spring GHEDI 2012:  Awarded to Hawkeye and Waffle Dough  for lots of limb picking!  Only Hawkeye came to the tourney.

GHEDI Fall 2012:  DD (‘Devil Mon’) took this fabulous floor machine home after running his trimmer on a stick next to the pond. 

Nut Cracker Award
(Public acclaim and anecdotal evidence)
For the one who managed to injure themselves the worst.  TBD by the scorekeeper.
Golden Nut cracker
History: Won previously by Mike ‘Candy Mon’ Millen for cutting his finger opening a beer.
Won by Quinn Olson for a scrape on his index finger while cleaning mussels.
Awarded to Hawkeye Pierce for multiple abrasions on his arms and nearly bleeding.
2010 Spring:  Count Ferrari, hit by Acehole’s drive on #8 (the 9) when he was walking in the parking area.

GHEDI 2011 Spring:  Hawkeye got a boo boo climbing on the fencing.
GHEDI Spring 2012:  Not awarded.  Trophy left at home by Joyful Productions
GHEDI Fall 2012:  Sunshine Sloan was the most injured (although not at the tourney) talking about a sore neck to his team mates.  Later discussion, apres awards, suggested Oz or Eye should have been awarded for almost getting stuck with a stick UP the nose or an almost face and rock interface.


Hot Shot Award
(Score keeper needs to calculate)
Awarded to the shooter that improved his/her score the most.  Rookies need not apply unless they hit -10 or better…
2010 Spring:  Astroman sets a PR for the course for himself.

GHEDI Spring 2012:  Not awarded, deemed duplicate of Hot Shit.  Definitions need massaging.
GHEDI Fall 2012:  Count Ferrari moving from a par to a -8!

The Count taking aim during the playoffs for 2nd.

Take Up Another Sport
(Score keeper calculation)

Awarded to the player who has the worst score drop from the previous GHEDI tournament.
Awarded September, 2009Count Enrico Alfredo Ferrari (-8 to a -4)
2010 Spring:  Rear Admiral takes home the prize with a 6 stroke drop!  BADmitten anyone?

GHEDI Spring 2012:  Awarded to Count Enrico Ferrari for a dismal 10 stroke addition… -10 to par! OUCH!
GHEDI Fall 2012:  Blingster Ling, who left the award at the estate and will be having it delivered with interest!  Lost 6 strokes (-7 to a -1)

(Score keeper calculation)
Created by Joy Sloan
For the player who’s score improved the 2nd most improved from tourney to tourney
Awarded to Patrick ‘Polisher’ Gonzales for taking off 12 strokes!
2010 Spring:  Pi Mencher for taking off 2 strokes?

GHEDI Spring 2012:  Tied this time between Stranger and Sunshine Sloans who each shaved off 3 strokes!
GHEDI Fall 2012: DD ‘Devil Mon’ who score stayed the same.  Lots of falling scores this tourney inspite of the excellent weather.

Disc Golf Tree Award
(Score keeper calculation)
Created by Tim ‘Acehole’ Settara and won by same the first year.
To be awarded to the best score on the 18.
GHEDI Spring 2011:  Chris ‘Oz’ Ozinanich
GHEDI Spring 2012:  Not awarded because it was left at home somewhere in Atown.  Next time we hope.
GHEDI Fall 2012: Douglas ‘Waffle Dough’ Hamer took home the cool tree with a -9 performance!

(Score keeper calculation)
Created by Don ‘Jerry Garcia’ Anderson for the 2012 Spring GHEDI
To be awarded to the person getting the 2nd worst score on the 18 to keep them coming back.
GHEDI Spring 2012:  Awarded to Eric ‘Old School’ Draluck who scored a +3 to not come in last.  He is sworn to return.
GHEDI Fall 2012:  John ‘Jalapena’ took the score but had some great throws.  If he practices, he could be good.

Hot Chick Award
(Score keeper calculation)

Awarded to the lady with the best round on the 18.
From inception to Spring 2012 this has been owned by
Joyful ‘Stranger’Sloan
GHEDI Spring 2012:  Guess who… Joy ‘Stranger’ Sloan!
Come on girls, she is easy to take… She took it with a +2.
GHEDI Fall 2012:  There were two girls playing and Joy ‘Stranger’ Sloan eeked out a win with +1 score over Tiffany with a +13 on her first tournament!

Forget Me NOT Award
(Public anecdotal evidence required)
Intialized for the 2011 GHIDN for our favorite course litterer.
1st Winner:  Doug “Devil Mon” Dore
GHEDI Spring 2012:  Trophy forgotten at home by our own Scorekeeper (what did we expect).  Awarded to Devil Mon once again.
GHEDI Fall 2012: Awarded to Jalapena John for at least 4 forgetful  infractions… 2 beer cans, one disc left behind, and ??? (I forget, CF)

 Most Refined Award
Player acclaimed for most grace on the course.  Est:  2012 Fall GHEDI
Created by Douglas “ Waffle Dough” Hamer
2012 Fall GHEDI:  Stranger Sloan

P C M I Award
Pussy (who) Can’t Make It
Created by Bee Eh in 2012 Fall GHEDI
(Player anecdotal evidence by acclaim)

Must bring back the growler (cleanded) and filled with beer.
2012 Fall GHEDI:  Hawkeye Pierce with mentions of Ed Fairbanks and Shaun Lewis
Photo taken at a GHIDN in 2011

Closest to Pin (CTP)
Two holes were set and this year Dave ‘Lucky’ Hodgman took them both with a haul of $38.  See that this is reported to the IRS….

GHEDI Fall 2012: (a payoff of $14 each!)
Hole 4:  Old School Draluck
Hole 10:  Blingster Ling
Hole 15:  Count Enrico Alfredo Ferrari

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