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Sunday, September 29, 2013

GHEDI Fall 2013

Griffin Hill Equinox Disc Invitational,
 September 28, 2013

Submitted by:

Count Ferrari

The forecast was spot on.  20-30k winds with lots of rain.  That is what we found when the intrepid disc golf group of 14 players that plays hard showed up here at Griffin Hill for the Griffin Hill Equinox  Disc Invitational (GHEDI).

The word was spread and as the date got closer, many made their excuses and bailed out.  Some even bailed without notice...  No worries, the event was excellent with too much food, disc, fun, and good folks.

The Doorman giving flight in an unretouched photo off of Tee 4 (CTP) /18/ The Rear Admiral, Polisher, and Old School await their turn.
Taken with a Canon point and shoot.
Rear Admiral, Polisher and Old School watching.

A new photographer came to this event and we all benefited from her dedication.  More action shots were taken, more awards shots were taken, more candid shots were taken.  

The dedicated camera crew.  Amber!

The rains came on and off for the initial round of singles on the 18.  Scores ranged from -11 (a tie between Acehole and K.O. with a playoff awarding the round to Aceholio!)  The wind affected many throws adversely but all the players had the same opportunities so it was good.

After the stratifying round on the 18, the teams were formed by the Scorekeeper (Doorman) with the highest score playing with the lowest score until we all matched in teams of 2.  Then a round on the 10 hole course with a three way tie for first on the completion.  Knockout and Ron, Hawkeye and Old School, and Bling with Count Ferrari were the teams that went to the sudden death playoffs.

We started on 10(of the 18), all tied with a bird.  Then to 11 where a good drive by Count Ferrari and a good putt by Bling put them at the top of the leader board by themselves.  The rain really opened up then but the next hole determined that Hawkeye and Old School came in second, and were the recipients of the 2nd place trophy.

The Players:

Old School on 12.

The Rear Admiral putting out on 18.  He is trying
to hit the side of barn!  Hay feeder is target.

Polisher on tee 4!

Ron teeing off 3 (280')

Knock Out also on 3.  

Amber approaching 5 target with Polisher, Doorman
and Old School rooting her on.  Her rookie round.

Acehole displaying his dance skills on approach
to hole 3 target.

Bling shooting into the 4 target for a bird!
He and Count Ferrari won the doubles, best
disc round.

Waffle Dough showing his unusual but effective
drive technique on 4 which was a CTP hole.

Anastas throwing a disc 'long and wrong'.  It went
300' but the target was only 143'.  The advantage
of youth (23 years)

Count Ferrari just missing an Ace (14" away) on 10, throwing
from the world's largest tee pad.  (70' x 140')
Hawkeye and Bling watching.
Hawkeye on hole 13 hazard about to putt for a bird from a tough lie.
Waffle Dough on safety while Porter watched his driver.  He is quoted
as saying "hit it hard" when the disc was heading to the roof.

The Doorman throw uphill to 5.

Sorry, there was no photo documentation of Jalapeno on the course.

This was a very successful GHEDI.  The rain didn't slow anyone down but the wind did make a few discs act funny on occasion.

The Awards:
The awards were numerous and fun with lots of loot awarded.  21 awards and 14 players.

  Come From Behind:   Awarded to the Rear Admiral.
  Who else would truly deserve this?
Count Ferrari awarding the Come From Behind Trophy.  It was made to commemorate the
America's Cup in 2013.  Oracle won over New Zealand by winning the last 8 races in a row to take it all.
The best Come Back in Sporting History.

7th Place Award:  Awarded to the Rear Admiral.  Hmmm, two for him?
The REAR Admiral with his loot!

Second from Last:  Ron
Ron with an amazing duck disc trophy!

Best Shooter:  Acehole
Acehole winning the trophy he created and built 4 years ago!

Pussy who Couldn't Make It (PCMI):  Cockpatch Dave

He called in with a 'sore throat' in the AM.  Who knows who he was sleeping with at the time...

Take UP Another Sport:  Bling
The Blinster showing off his new crib board.  He scored +5
worse than his previous round.  It is a bitch gettin' old!

Clean Sweep:  Bling
Looks as if his hard work on the course preparation before the
tourney paid off with some halibut!

UP in Smoke:  Ron
Ron did a good job of getting the fire hazard lit and going.
Not an easy task in the constant rain but the pile
burned to the waterline!

UPtown:  Polisher
Polisher showing his America's Cup 34 Official Program
for his astonishing dress.  His pants would hold
4 cans of beer for each round of disc!

Straight Shooter::  Old School
Got one of the Aces!

HOT Chick:  Amber
Amber with a smile.  She shot a +25 and still had the best score by a female for the day!

Nut Cracker:  Anastas
Anastas is feeling good about winning a trophy.
 He was awarded this trophy as he squeaked a
bit as he straddled over a fence that was taller
than his crotch!

2nd Place:  Hawkeye and Old School
Old School and Hawkeye had to fight over the 2nd Place
Trophy for who was taking it home.

Most Regular:  Hawkeye
Hawkeye winning the roll of Costco's finest TP for finishing in the middle
of the pack.

Forget Me NOT:  Jalapeno
(for the 4th tourney in a row, he might have to keep it if he remembers to bring it back again...)
Jalapeno some what put out on receiving this award again!

Best Rookie:  Anastas
Best score for a rookie player (-3)  Not too bad!

Traveler:  Anastas

(This guy raked in the loot!  See above for another shot of him.)

Fatal Attraction:  Count Ferrari
The bottle is from a race award in 2010 from Anacortes Yacht Club.
The Count is finally getting his swag for yacht racing.

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