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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

GHIDN 2013

Night time disc golf tournaments are not for wussies.  Especially if a costume is recommended.

There are many insecurities working on those who eschewed to stay at home instead of braving the elements for this 3rd annual Nocturnament.


 Judge for yourself and leave a comment below:
(Hard things for players to deal with during a nocturnament)

1. Have to have a lit disc... Several lights were left unused and are ready for next year.

2.  Have to be able to play in wind or rain.  Most disc golfers have no issue with this. We had our first round in a still night air with no precipitation.  The second round which was best disc partners had the heavens open up and seriously dump some water down!  Once wet, the cold of 40F was felt.

3.  With the Burning Man theme for costumes there were some good ones!  This must be the intimidation factor, but some other players were able to 'cowboy UP' and play along side the costumed folk and everyone had fun.

Astro Man shows off his glow cape

Pooh Bear and the Rear Admiral share a cup of honey.

Hawkeye just home from photo sarfari shows off
the Second Place Trophy with cool mods.

Hippy Chick and Doorman do the scorekeeping

Someone is about to feel the wrath of Kill Bill.

Hippy Chick and Kapitan Max Pruss of the
Air Ship Hindenburg

Skull Man says "Party ON!"

Burning hobgoblin man.

Documented white stuff falling from sky.  COLD!

Kill Bill condsidering who to attack.

Hobgoblin Man waiting for dark to come out and play!

Countess Ferrari, Astro Man, Hippy Chick and Legs
Waiting the in the warmth of the clubhouse for play
to finish.

Hippy Chick is not afraid of spiders like the one on her head!

Play started at ~7:00 PM and we finished around 11:30 PM and the awards were not all awarded.

The PCMI (Pussy (Who) Couldn't Make It was awarded to Lake Stevens players and so their representative, who invented the trophy, Bee Eh will be getting this.  There was no player from the closeness of Lake Stevens attending while others came from Buckley, Brain Damage Island, Anacortes, and Mount Vernon.

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  1. I vote for Pooh Bear. Great blog. I heard about these fun disc golf soirees from Mr. Don (Jerry Garcia) Anderson.