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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

GHEDI Spring 2014

Griffin Hill Equinox Disc Invitational


Held on or near the equinox twice a year usually.  This event is attended by a group of ever widening acquaintances.  Some make it religiously, some have water heaters for an excuse!

There are many ways to have fun but sharing a sunny day with friendly folks is one of the best solutions.
19 people and 4 dogs came out to play a few holes of disc golf for the GHEDI Spring of 2014.

Weather ordered:  65F and sun
Weather noted:  55F and sun  (Take it any time)
Play the SUN!

A testimonial from the winner of the Rookie award.

Jo and I went and participated in brother Count Ferrari's GHEDI yesterday. 18 holes of disc golf on his property. (Griffin Hill Equinox Disc Invitational, an annual event over the past 5 years)
Big turn out and we were assigned teams by random selection (drawing cards). The sun was out but it was about 40 degrees in the shade of the trees. The course was not soggy except by the pond. All kinds of obstacles with trees, fences, water, manure piles, other people when throwing the disc (much smaller than a frisbee). I got to play on the Rear Admiral's team. The regulars have disc nicknames and carry satchels that have discs of different weights to manage long distance, putts, you name it. I was given one to use, but I did very well by coming out below par.
We started at 10 am and played the circuit until completed, about 2-3 hours, and then had lunch. Count Ferrari made a great Posole Mexican soup, and there were potlucky items and plenty of alcohol. I brought a spinach salad.
The 'Clubhouse' is the Griffin Hill workshop and carport. 30 + people were there  (she exaggerates as there were 19).
They went on to team up the best scorers with the lowest scorers, but Jo and I pulled our names out, as we were heading home. But we stayed to talk with the Countess (she doesn't disc) and she gave Jo a tour of the house. Jo had never been there before. We ended up not leaving for at least another hour.


We experienced a rash of aces during this tournament!

Doorman holding his disc that took 3 consecutive ACES.
Hole 15, 16*, and 17.  15 and 17 were virgins.

Sunshine aced both 16 and 18.  Both virgins it is thought.
Count Ferrari showing his *Ace disc on hole 16.
Jalapeno on the left took the Ace Pot ($22) on Hole
#10 banging the sign from the world's
largest tee box.
KO and Acehole approved the throw!
Lucky Dave has his photo taken like he scored an Ace,
But the documentation is missing.
We shall see if he reads this blog and responds.

The Awards

The Countess, Lynnbean, and the Hammer.
Lynnbean won the Rookie award.

Many awards were handed out and documented by Waffle Dough who was ruthless in capturing images for the deserving few.

Lise, Dave, and Waffle Dough our fearless photo bug who
made sure all awards had a photo!

Awards about to start.
KO (In charge of cards), Count Ferrari, and Stranger (Assistant Scorekeeper)
Nothing gets done unless the crew at the scoring table allow it.
Stranger (Assistant Score Keeper), Doorman (Head Score Keeper), Amber (Assistant to the Assistant Score Keeper)

Uptown Award.  Acehole
Best Dressed, hair cover, disc Tee, roach clip with feather etc...

PCMI Award to Ben
In abstentia, Pussy Who Couldn't Make It.
Has to bring back a full growler for the next tourney!

Scorekeeper (Doorman), Assistant Scorekeeper (Stranger)
Assistant Calculator (Hawkeye) and Jalapeno watching the work get done.

Hawkeye receiving the Skywalker Award.
Found a flight through some oddness in a very
nice throw!

Lise Luwho (or maybe the  Roofer, as she put a disc into the shingles of the house)
Accepting The 2nd from Last Award.
A GHEDI first timer!

Jalapeno receiving the Nutcracker Award.
He fell down during a shot and took off several branches of a tree.  No blood drawn.
The Rear Admiral, in blue, looks on enviously!

Dave receiving the UP in Smoke Award.
First time GHEDI for him and he actually shot well. -4!

KO won the Best Shooter Award for his excellent
-12 round on the 18.

Hot Chick Award to Stanger for a -1 round!

The Forget Me Not Award given to Acehole
for leaving his disc on the course from the last tournament.

Straight Shooter Award to the Doorman
3 Aces!  Two real on 15 and 17 with an *Ace on 16.
3 in a ROW!
Who does that????

Lise and Adam took home the coveted  2nd Place Trophy
from the Doubles round on the 10 hole course.
Rosco the dog escorted them!

Amber showing off the record board.

All had a good time.

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