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Friday, December 19, 2014

Titles of favorite all time books for Count Ferrari

This is a posting to show which titles were most impressive to me over the years.

In no particular order except when noted...(eg.. the top 8)

Top Ten:

1.  Tom Jones, History of a Foundling,   Henry Fielding (1749?)

2.  Catch 22                          Joseph Heller

3.  Tale of Two Cities           Charles Dickens

4.  The Postman                     David Brin  (Horrible movie)

5.  The Breach                       Patrick Lee  (any books by this guy are great!)

6.  The complete Gulliver's Travels       Jonathon Swift

7.  Snow Crash                       Neal Stephenson (all good books)

8.  Double Whammy                Carl Hiasson (any fiction by this guy is good.)

9.  Harry Potter, all of them      JKK Rowling

Honorable Mentions:

      Battlefield Earth               Scientologist L. Ron Hubbard (Do NOT watch the movie, sucks)

      Dead Red Fred (?)            If anyone has read this please try and leave a comment with the real title.  It is a story about some kids who find a desiccated alien in a cave who can still project thoughts. I recall they take him home and get him going again or ???

      Hard Drive                       Sci-fi smuggling and class war.  Hard to find this title again.  Big fun in smuggling and war done on a private basis with stashed fighter jets coming out to play and hovercrafts doing some high speed smuggling.

      Richard Sharpe series        Napoleonic soldier, A favorite series!  Sharpe starts out in the ranks and ends up through a series of books as a Major in the British Army.
      Lord of the North series (Uhtred of Bebbinburg)  Viking wars and raids
      The Archer (story of the slaughter done to the French  knighthood at Agincourt.
          all by Bernard Cornwell, one of the best story tellers out there.

      Captain Aubrey and Dr. Maturin series  Napoleonic British Navy   by Patrick Obrian

      Captain Bolitho series   By Alexander Kent                      Napoleonic British Navy

      Jack Reacher series                      by Lee Child

      The Black Tiger at .... series (Jr High reading)

      The complete Sherlock Holmes     by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

      Atlas Shrugged                             by Ayn Rand

      Stranger in a Strange Land                           black author  about a black man  living unseen by most Americans.

       EZ Rawlings is a detective.   author Walter Mosley (any)
       Elvis Cole, World's Greatest Detective  series           Robert Crais
       Spenser , tough PI with tough friends series               Robert Parker
       Stephanie Plum, whacko skip tracer girl in NJ series    Janet Evonavich
       Harry Potter series                JKK Rowling (anything by her)
       The Hobbit (et al)            Tolkien
       Ender's Game
       Lonesome Dove

      Kiln People, by David Brin

      The Gray Man by Mark Greaney, there are about 3 books with the Gray Man, he kicks butt!


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