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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

GHEDI Fall 2016

The Griffin Hill Equinox Disc Invitational The GHEDI
took place September, 25, 2016 (A Sunday)

This is a semi-annual event held in celebration of life and marking the
legitimate holiday of equal day and night (Equinox).

A record turnout to take in the sun on a perfect fall day.  Registration was at 9:30 and play started on time at 10 AM.  There were 34 bodies recorded on the score sheet including 4 rookies who had only thrown disc a couple of times.  There were others playing on this course for the first time that tried for rookie status but since they have 400' throws! They were put in the Open Category.
Ron, Doug, Juan, Waffle Dough, Lefty

Sparky and Chyna, the Countess, Sonia, Greg, Polisher and Fire

Polisher, Fire Marshalle, Matteo, Bling, Nebs, Hawkeye, and

Hawkeye, Raven, and Amber

Amber, Coach, Skat, and Jerry Garcia

Rear Admiral, Van, Count Ferrari, Jensen

Group Photo:  Fall GHEDI 2016

Juan at Tee #6

Ozetta, if you hit a horse you add 4 strokes!

Turbo doing his thing like Predator on hole 14.

Eye, B. Eh?, Raven, and Polisher 

Dave, looking like the cat who swallowed the canary!

Nebs, playing her lie on the top of the Bloody Mary Truck.

Bling having crab bisque

Lefty telling Dave the secret of putting.

Count Ferrari looking dazed and confused.
There would be a reason for this!

Everyt'ing in da rite place!
Joe with posole.

K,O., doing food.  He needs a good meal!

Cajun after a well played round,
winning the course record at -16!

Coach with a plate of beans.  One bird away from the course
record.  He tied the previous best at -15!

Eric before his nap in the Bloody Mary Truck

Skat taking in some liquid refreshment.

The Scorekeeper or sometimes known as the
Also claiming the handle of Ace King??
None for him this round.

Legs with the Fagioli

Jalapeno, Ron, and Barber in the clubhouse.

The scorecard!

Warning:  We may need to limit participation as this population was stretching the course ability for safety.


A new Course Record was set by Cajun at -16, eclipsing AJ's record of -15 set a couple of years ago.

Jerry Garcia hit the only real Ace and collected the Ace Pot!  There were at least 2 *Aces too by other players.  The Ace King (self named) did not get any of these!  One has to question the ego that takes this lofty title....

Turbo took home the $$ that was close to triple digits in playing Skins after the tournament.  He also picked up a CTP worth $30.  Bling and Hawkeye each took a CTP too.  The other is unknown at this writing.

Good Food:

The potluck was a great success with too much food.  Most of it was consumed with at least 6 hot dishes of posole, fagoili, rice, meatballs, sliders and crab bisque as the notable dishes.  Also notable was the two boxes of beautiful donuts that were not touched as much as one would suspect.  Maybe a dozen were consumed.  Maybe this crowd is staying away from the sugar and eating healthy.  There were sliced apples and magic toffee as well as some consumable lozenges that came with the Bloody Mary Truck.

Lost items:

A trifold disc stool that says "BA" on it was found on the #1 tee.  A black folding chair was left in the clubhouse too.  Apparently two discs were left behind, according to reports, one in the pumpkin patch and one over the fence by target #5.

BAD behavior:

Someone needs a lesson in manners...  A Camel cigarette butt was left by Tee 16 and 3 other filters with cream spots were found about the course.  Maybe they fell out of the disposal bag but that is unacceptable.  Possible punishment?  Make them eat the discards?

Course Grooming:

There were two volunteers who came by early in the week to assist with course grooming, Jerry Garcia and the Scorekeeper.  Kudos to them!  The course looked better than ever and all who came had good things to say about it.


Best Shooter 18 = Cajun (-16 and new course record)
Best Score Doubles on the 10 = Turbo and Coach (-7)* ( there were issues in getting the teams matched up that were exacerbated by players leaving after the 18)
Nutcracker Award = Waffle Dough with nicely bruised knee
Hot Chick Award = Lefty (+6)
7th Place on the 18 = Jensen
Straight Shooter = Jerry Garcia Ace on 16
Clean Sweep = Garcia and Doorman
Most Regular = Eye (-5)
Forget Me NOT = Polisher
2nd Place Team Award = B. Eh and Waffle Dough


  1. As usual, another GREAT event! Thanks to your Royal Highness'! Glad you gave up stamp collecting!

  2. Louie Louie: Had a great time, Thanks to the Count for having me to his beautiful home and letting me meet so many great people and pets (horses were sweet).
    Thanks to Jerry G for ... a long list. And thanks to all my disc golf friends for being such great friends!!!
    Jazzed that my meatballs with basil pesto was a hit (no leftover!).
    Left a disc (orange tank w/my number) and a flip top water bottle.