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Sunday, March 25, 2018

GHEDI Spring of 2018

The Spring gathering to the GHEDI (Griffin Hill Equinox Disc Invitational) of disc throwers in the Pacific NW can be  a very adventurous group.

(For best viewing of the photos, grab the slide bar at the bottom of your screen and center up the first photo, then scroll down and enjoy.  There has been some issues with photos not downloading so maybe try Edge or Chrome browsers if one is not working)

If anyone who attended has more photos, send them to me for possible inclusion.

Throw in some dicey weather for March 24, 2018 and Bob's Your Uncle.

Historical Note:  This is the second GHEDI with snowfall.  It last happened in March 18, 2012 where we had similar amounts of snow and it melted off by the end of the day leaving a muck as did this snowfall.

The parking at Griffin Hill 30 minutes before tee off.

The snow started at 6:30 AM and by tee off time for the 21 hardy souls invited and accepted for the GHEDI (11th year) it was 3-4" deep in the pastures.  The precipitation started and stopped with blue clouds and sunshine for a lot of the day.  The ground just turned to water and mud!

When playing in the bottom forest, grenades were going OFF (As in BOOM) as the snow fell from trees in LARGE snowball sizes.  In one group containing the Scorekeeper, there was some skullduggery.  He was thinking the others in his foursome were throwing snow balls at him when it was just the trees dropping bombs.  After his comment, his foursome partners started throwing snowballs at him and he was just pelted but didn't realize some of that was man made missiles!

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Here is a shot with a big blue cloud in the sky that was not unusual.  On and off weather all day!
The snow on the ground was melting fast and created a VERY wet footing.  Sometimes 3" of water, especially in the world's largest disc golf tee box!

A mighty group of 21 getting set to brave the elements!
The GHEDI Spring 2018 is set.
Note the cover UP by the fellow in the foreground.  More later on that!

The players dressed for success.  Here is The Miller just after teeing off on 8.  His outfit with waterproof feet, pants, coat, and hat was very typical of the well dressed player.

This is the 2nd Place Trophy.
Originally won by the 1989 Science Olympiad Team from Lakewood High School, coached by Count Ferrari
Winning it again, The Rear Admiral and Biscuit.  The Rear Admiral put it on his mantel!
The awards were multiple with a few returning trophies.  

Furthest traveled:  Aaron (rookie player)
2nd Place on the 10:  Biscuit and Rear Admiral
Most Regular:  Air Bounce
Hot Chick:  Legs
Best Acer: Waffle Dough
Clean Sweep:  Jerry Garcia and the Scorekeeper
CTP #4: Biscuit
CTP #7: Everett
CTP #10: KO
CTP #15: KO
Ace Pot:  Waffle Dough
Best round on the 18:  Cajun (-11)
Forget Me NOT: Cajun

There is a bit of a story on the Forget Me NOT award....  Cajun was assisting the Count with the prize awards and his disc (left on the course, under the snow, was not really in the running with other forgotten items) was sitting on the table by the trophy.  He slyly slipped it into his waist band at his back and this was brought to my attention by sharp eyed players.  It was NOT the loss of disc but the coverup!  To his credit he did a Nixon double Victory wave and shook his jowels!

Perhaps he was intending to coverup all along and that is why he covered his face on the group photo?  Perhaps he is just wise to stay off all social media as the Count advises.  Always use an alias on the web!

Stuff left behind....
North Face rain coat
Nice umbrella
Anacortes Brewing hat
handwarmer pack
baking sheet
grey work gloves
silverware SS knife

All might qualify to win the Forget Me NOT award next time around.

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  1. Thanks again, Your Highness, a very "cool" event indeed! Glad I persevered through the snow this time.