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Thursday, September 27, 2018

GHEDI Fall 2018

Saturday, September 22, 2018 at 6:54 pm the Solar Equinox happened.

Saturday, September 22, 2018 at 9:30 am the Registration for the GHEDI opened up.

Griffin Hill Equinox Disc Invitational

This is the timing and celebration of the Solar Equinox using a disc golf tournament as it's pinnacle of fun.

29 registrants signed up after the invitation was sent out and 22 showed up despite the anti-weather.

This event is a fun one to put on and apparently to attend too!

Good disc throwing:

Navlos on his first throw of the day got and ACE and CTP on hole number 7 (on the 18 hole course).  It won him some good $$!  

T-Dog shot a -15 on the 18 missing tying the course record of -16 held by Cajun.

Not so good throwing:

Air Bounce managed a +2 on his placement round, playing singles on the 18 hole pitch and putt.  Speculation has it that score might be a score that added up by 6-8 throws over his previous round/s.  I suspect he was sandbagging to get a good partner in the second round which he did.  He and Sarge managed -6 on that round and were awarded the 2nd Place Trophy!  He could have been a victim of the Bloody Marys which seem to flow in copious quantities.

The Players:🔻

The precipitation required a group photo out of the reach of the rain.
This crowd was NOT going back out  in the elements for a Group Photo after the first round!

The Scoreboard and Awards:🔻

You might note the new graphic for the GHEDI.  It reflects the Equinox mo bettah.
The GHEDI Yeti is still used and all were done by the Scorekeeper, artiste extraordinaire!

Awards and notes on them:🔻
The awards are a fun part of the event with trophies returning and being re awarded.  The 2nd Place Trophy would have to be the most celebrated after being one of the most despised in the early years of it's existence.  Now it is customized by the latest winner with lots of details being added over the past 6-7 years.  Note photos below.

Someone had the audacity to consider this addition NOT family friendly...???

Sarge and Air Bounce teamed up to shoot a -6 Best Disc on the 10 hole course.  No ties this year.
Air Bounce (right) took the disposable refillable butane lighter and Sarge got the trophy for his mantel.

Returning trophies were minimal this year, the coveted 2nd from last, the 7th place trophy, and the silver 1st Place with the cool basket were not in the return but some award was made.  Players are encouraged to bring awards to hand out and there is a lot of disc plastic and odd stuff that is put out on the awards table. The best items are the crafted high style trophies.

The Nutcracker award was returned but not awarded.  I guess the rain kept the contestants from being too wild.  NO ONE was injured!  First time!

They seem happy now.  They still have to store it for 6 months!

Note on Weather:🔻

It should be noted the wind was not a factor all day and it was warm enough for shirt sleeves all day.  It was even dry until after the start.  The first round on the 18 hole pitch and putt course, where individual scores were recorded didn't really see the umbrellas come out but there were a few.  That round was completed after 1.5 hours starting at 10 AM and was complete by all by 11:30 AM when several availed themselves of sustenance in the clubhouse.

The rains came in around 11:00 AM and umbrellas sprouted and for good reason!  It may have never rained so hard for such a sustained period here at Griffin Hill!  Hearing conversation while standing under the umbrella was difficult but who wanted to get out in the deluge?  The water was running down the hills in streams that were inches deep.  Keep in mind Griffin Hill is the top of the hill!

The gravel driveway sustained rivulet damage 2+ inches deep .   The pond rose 6".  The largest tee pad in the world was soggy with standing water (although it did drain off by morning).

During the second round the deep forest woodland was actually wetter than not being under the trees due to the huge drops that formed and pelted those under it when it had been a haven during the first round and protected the players from the initial bursts of rain.

The group photo was taken during the awards ceremony because it would have been tough to get a drip free photo outside the clubhouse during the monsoon.

When 'Free Play Time' was announced it was hooted down!  Too much moisture!

The Scorekeeper went to work with assistance on collecting and pairing up the partners for the second round of Best Disc on the 10 hole course.

Food Note:🔻

This event is also a celebration of culinary excellence.

Listed in order of place on the serving table:  Other dishes and snacks slip my memory

Jumbalia with  sausage, rice:  Cajun
Pumpkin Curry with rice Soup:  Count Ferrari (with pumpkin grown on Griffin Hill)
Crab Bisque:  BA  (he caught it himself at Decatur Island)
Chicken ? and cheese sliders:  DVE
Macaroni and bacon salad:  Jason
Other items on the menu:   Donuts, watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, pumpkin pie,  chips, bean dip extraordinaire, and even some cold veggies that got spilled in the lower parking lot.  ( I am sure there were other items but memory is what drives this writing and it is 4 days old at this time).

Comments from the players:🔻

Thanks again for a great day!!!! There's no amount of rain we could have received to wash out the joy of throwing discs with a great group of people! I was thrilled to be a part of it and feel I played pretty well too👍👍👍

Such a good event it couldn’t even be dampened by that torrential downpour.  Well done, as usual.

Cleaner and safer! No Nutcracker this year. Too bad the traveler award is defunct. I left my phone/camera in the car so I'm photoless. Again, thanks for hosting a great event. 

Oddnesses and a photo to go with it:🔻

The cleanup for this event found no litter but there was one forgotten item hanging on the Griffin by the entryway.

Who is in the early running for the For Get Me NOT
Award next event?

Here is a cart with all the signage aboard for dressing up the estate.  It takes about 3 days to set this up and about 3 hours
to take it all down and put it away.


  1. Can you figure out how to comment on this article? Do so and be blessed! Count Ferrari

  2. Yo Count Ferrari - Awesome Leisure Log as always! A fun read -- and, despite the sogginess, it looks like a fun day was had by one and all! I'll have to make it up from sunny San Diego one of these years to try for the "worst score trophy" -- as long as you can provide a sou'wester, galoshes, and anti-fungal ointment. Cheers! Nosmo King