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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

GHIDN 2010, (Griffin Hill Invitational Disc Nocturnament)

Griffin Hill Invitational Disc Nocturnament
Halloween 2010

GHEDI Approved.

Dr. Death preparing for the event.

The afternoon was peaceful until a white van from Anacortes rolled in with 5 odd passengers.  They had barely introduced themselves from a fog of smoke when the rest of the nocturnal visitors arrived and the event of the season was ON.

Griffin Hill Dining Hall and Disc Registration.

Count Tree Boy (or Count ste Pated) (Devil Mon):                       +3
Polisher (Patrick):                                                                         +5
Count Down (Lord Ling):                                                             0
Dr. Death (Count Ferrari):                                                          -3
Impaler (Spike Lee):                                                                     -2
Count E. Seat (Sunshine):                                                           -9
Count Ting on Rain (Acehole):                                                  +1
Disc Count Not Dat Count (Hawkeye):                                  -2
Fifth Element (Leello) (Stranger):                                           -2
Xombe (Lorenzo Delaney)(Fire Marshall):                           DNS
Down 4 the Count (Kevin Olney):                                            -5
The In Count tin Ent (Pi Mon):                                                  +5
Count Alingus (Jan):                                                                     -1

On examination of the player names, one may be able to ferret out a scheme of preplanned slamming.  Pretty clever word play by all.

The weather was mostly cooperative with rain only being serious for about 10 minutes all during the play.  Mostly an overcast with wind night, leaves blowing around and the swirling smoke of the fires.  Temperature was not cold, no noted huddling around any of the three fires or in the heated shop.

The sparkling umbrella, ‘Scepter of Death’ was only used to point out nominations during the award ceremony.  Not needed for the play.  A good night of disc and worthy of the GHEDI approval.

Would you eat anything prepared by this fellow?

The disc course at Griffin Hill was given the attention needed for a Nocturnament with glow sticks hung on all the targets and luminarias put at all the tees and lit up before dark.  A practice round was done by many and the Fire Marshall started up his record 3 fires.

During this total criss crossing of the estate, all the players registered with the best score keeper we have ever had.  (Count ste Pated (DD))  He corralled them all and made them give the full name on registration.  He even waited till last to put his own name on the score sheet and did a masterful job of squeezing it in without making it too obvious of a squeeze, graphic wise.
Count Ste Pated our Scorekeeper

After registration, placement of lighting, and practice in the waning daylight, dinner was served with an excellent potato soup by Lord Ling which was vegetarian with bacon bits and shredded cheddar to add to one’s own taste…EXCELLENT and in copious quantities.  Followed or proceeded by several forms of chicken, chips, hot cashews, hummus, halibut and other snacks.  No one went hungry.
Lord Ling or Count Down the fabulous souper.

The foursomes were decided at random for the individual scored round of 18 and the scores came in as noted above.  The lit discs filled the night and with the intercrossing course we were all able to see the discs strobe and pulse through the evening and smoke.  
The smoke was all fun and swirly.  The Fire Marshall made it very scary and check what is coming out of the mists....
Down 4 the Count coming out of the smoke,  no doubt with vengenance on his  mmind….

The entire 5 acre course was inundated by smoke whenever the Fire Marshall used the tractor and pushed more wet leaves into his HUGE fire.  The smoke and blowing cinders created a home like atmosphere that Devil Mon appreciated.  The ambiance was very Halloween Worthy.
The Fire Marshall or Zombe 

As the play proceeded and the players could not be seen, coupled with discs that were not bright, there was the inevitable collision of disc on ankle for Count Tree Boy, who yelped like a 12 year old girl, according to sources at the scene.  He was awarded the Nut Cracker award for the tournament.

The pairing for the Best Disc 9 hole was random using playing cards and Counting On Rain paired with Count Down posted the best score with a -1 and the worst score was a +3.  The randomness created a fine balance of teams and allowed for an expectation of playing with anyone.

The awards presenters were the Kevins, or Planet Kevin as they are collectively known.  They did an excellent job.  There were several awards that needed arbitration and a non biased ear for the decibel level of cheering to award the various subjective awards.  It went very smoothly with the awards being distributed to many new award winners.
Disc Count Kevin

Down for the Count Kevin

Leftovers were taken home and some trophies were found here and may be trophies for the next tournament.  A blue Eddie Bauer camera bag, an Olympus camera found on the course, an Artic Zone 12 pack cooler were all left behind and will make excellent awards for the next tournament, and who knows what will be found on the course….

The pagan rites were concluded around 11:30 PM with all the rigs heading out and home to their well earned beds.

Awards List:

Clean Sweep:                      Mencher/Doorman
Up in Smoke:                      Xombe
Green: (where is that trophy?)            Spike Lee
Take Up Another Disc Sport:                             Counting On Rain
Straight Shooter:                          Count E Seat
Nut Cracker:                       Count Tree Boy
Up Town (Best Dressed):           Down 4 the Count
Hot Shot:                  Down 4 the Count, Count E Seat
Most Regular:        Count Ting On Rain
Hot Shit:                   In Count Tin Ent
The GHIDN (A fabulous new trophy, to commemorate the event, created by Acehole:) : Awarded to Count E Seat

Here are the players in no particular order…
Count St. Pated or Count Tree Boy

Sparky, Chyna and Porter with glow rings on!  Amazing disc dogs.

Count Down with his rain gear on, ready for the elements….

Down for the Count is showing off his Uptown award winning look prior to teeing off on hole 1 at Griffin Hill Disc Course.

Xombe, in mid snack.  Guess his sanitary habits (clean hands?) don’t matter any more once one is expired.  An excellent Fire Marshall.

Dr. Death  looking for love!
In Count ten Ant    (before accident) 
Count E Seat, ringed with his favorite seat. 
                       The Fifth Element (Leello)
Impaler, hockey anyone?  
Counting On Rain, and didn't find any...

Disc Count, Maybe the head of the Count spiracy….

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