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Sunday, November 4, 2012

GHIDN 2012 (Griffin Hill Invitational Disc Nocturnament)

My favorite photo for the night!  Who is that old dude?

Griffin Hill Invitational Disc Nocturnament (GHIDN)

November 3, 2012, at night!
This is a great alternative to Halloween or a reason to have Halloween..

The Theme/s this event were
Superhero (make one UP)
DD (what is this?)

2012 has been a good year for the pursuit of Leisure!  Disc golf (see for what this is) has been one of the mainstays for time well spent.  Monday night random doubles tournaments at Lake Stevens saw The Count take in maybe a bit more money in prizes than he spent on entrance fees.

GHEDI's were both a success at the Equinoxes of the year.   The GHIDN was an excuse to play disc golf at night and in costume.

The short story is 12 bodies showed UP and a bit of rain but a good time was had by all.

Photos tell the story for initial posting.

Black Light has an effect on a fancy doo!

Uncia - Uncia working on her diet after
winning the Most Regular award.

Our illustrious Score Keeper, The Door Man

Note:   his secret weapon, reading glasses....
The historical Score Board for the event.
The black lettering on the left indicates individuals and payment for the $3 Closest To Pin (CTP)
The blue Doubles 18 represents the teams for the first round of play in random doubles.
The Black lettering under that shows the teams for the final round of the evening on the 10 hole course.
On the right are all the awards.

Charlotte keeping an eye on the festivities.

The model for our art on the Score Board.

The awards:   Hawkeye, Moon Man, Sox, Polisher with
his 2nd Place award, and Acehole.

Super Sperm showing off his guns.

Dapper Dave getting serene.

The Score Keeper registers a questionable
participant, Drippy Dick  (DD entry).

He is living UP to his name!

Bling comes as a road cone and brought awesome ham
and bean soup.

Acehole has been burned on the face by
a lit disc!  He tried putting one in a fire!

Sox is playing with deadly toys, she is getting
a hug and who knows what else from
Super Sperm.

Disc Dancer (Count Enrico Ferrari) appeals
for partners.

Voted UPtown award for best dressed by popular acclaim.

Disc Dancer discusses the clouds with Moon Man, Polisher
and Hawkeye prepare for dark.

Hawkeye modeling good almost hydration technique along
with modeling the orange glow stick on his head.  Safety first.

Dapper Dave showing good braut chowing moves.

The loot we were all playing for.  We had three returning, old
time trophies, The Nutcracker, the 2nd Place Trophy (the big
one) and a nice bottle with a silver cup.

Uncia Uncia in leopard showing off her Princess
Lea braids again.
She also brought some amazing cookies!

Random notes and comments from Count Enrico:

The after math was easy to clean UP after with one 'Torpedo' beer bottle on a fence post and one bent can left at Tee 10.

There is still a lost disc that Bling threw, forgetting to turn on the lights.  So far, no horse, dog, or human has seen it in the vicinity where it was thrown.

Hawkeye claimed the blue disc towel left in the world's largest tee after a lost and found was posted.

Bee Eh? won the PCMI award, hands down!  (Pussy (who) Couldn't Make It).  He claimed he had to cook dinner for his wife and maybe some other guests....  It is appropriate as this award was one he made UP for the last tournament.  Very fitting.

The food was great!  Bling brought some great ham and bean soup, while the Count put together some posole and did some brauts on the BBQ.  DD brought in lots of chicken that was evil and really good.  The dogs were drooling as they watched the humans devour that stuff!   Good chips and snacks.  The real disappointment were Uncia Uncia's cookies... There were only enough for one each!  YUMMMMMMM!  We all wanted more of these!

An umbrella was a good idea for the nocturnament as the rain put out about 1/2 of the luminaries.  We should have closed the top of the bag and risked a small bag burn.  It was plenty wet.  

A good idea was for all players to wear a glow ring so we could see each other on the course.  The dogs all had one on for collars.  4 dogs all having too much fun.  The home dogs took two days to get unstiff from all that running.  Amazingly that is what it took for the Count to get going too...


Clean Sweep:

Moon Man and Dapper Dave for setting UP all the luminaries and glow sticks on the targets and tees.

Nut Cracker:

Sox with a small bleeder on one finger

Hot Chick:

Sox for a round with a -7 with the Doorman on the 18

Fatal Attraction:

Hawkeye following the flight of Uncia Uncia on a bad throw!


Super Sperm coming all the way down from Bellingham

Sky  Walker:

Moon Man for a blind bird throw from behind the pump house to go in the target!  Talk about feeling the Force!

Straight Shooter:

Sox and Door Man for getting two * aces on the round of 18!

Hot Shit:

Acehole for melting a bit of his disc on a luminary

UP in Smoke:

Polisher in his usual form.

Forget Me NOT:

Blingster for not turning on his disc lights and resultant loss of disc!

UPtown Award:  (Best dressed)

Count Enrico Ferrari as Disc Dancer

PCMI (Pussy (who) Couldn't Make It)

To Bee eh?

Score Keeper's Award:

Uncia Uncia for her celebrated art work!

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