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Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring GHEDI 2013

The fire that merely smoked.
A fun course hazard that was avoided.

Spring GHEDI 2013

Welcome to the write UP of the Griffin Hill Equinox Disc Invitational for 2013 Spring.

This was the ~8th GHEDI with two a year possible, starting in 2008.  The attendance may have been a record with 22 disc players assembled and ready to throw.

A bit of history on the course:

The original nine hole course (now 10) is close to a championship level  but the longest fairway is only 280' with most being over 200'.  This was established in approx 2006.  The 10th hole was added in 2010 to smooth out the flow by finishing back at the 'clubhouse'.  The record for singles play is a -3 and is held by Count Ferrari.

The 18 hole 'pitch and putt' course, follows the perimeter of the 5 acre property starting counter clockwise and then plays in reverse for the last 9 holes with a 'clubhouse turn' after 9 holes.  The course record on this easy play is -13 and is held jointly by Count Ferrari (in 2010) and now by Bee Eh who found the force for this GHEDI and tied the record.


The weather was cool with broken blue clouds (an euphanism for bits of blue sky which seems to be rare in the area surrounding Seattle).  Temperatures in the low 40s to start the day with a couple efforts of snow fall that were just enough to remember the 2012 event with 3" of snow falling in an hour in the AM.  The sun was warm and welcome and the shade demanded the use of fleece for personal warmth.

The Players:
2013 Spring GHEDI before the awards ceremony.

The Play:

Registration started a bit earlier than the 9:30 tip off suggested but The Scorekeeper, Doorman and his staff were ready.  The first discs were being thrown at or near 10:AM as suggested in the invitation.  4 somes were sent out in a shotgun start with one or two 5s to even it out.

 Muhamar did an excellent job on the card sorting for the teams but there was rumor a 'fix' being possible to get to play with the one you wanted.

There were 3 CTPs (Closest To Pin on the drive) for a payout of $18 each.  It was optional when signing up at $1 a hole.  Hawkeye took the $$ and we paid out all of it.

The Awards:
There was a plan to photograph all the award winners during the presentation ceremony but thing kind of fell apart.  Maybe the happy brownies were in effect?

For the first time ever the focus of the event is rededicated to the average player:
  The Equinox Award, Mr. Median or the E-mon or ??

Winning this prestigious award and The Regular Award:  Lucky Dave and Shaun Dog in a tie.

Shaun Dog with Acehole celebrating behind.

Is this Lucky Dave or Cockpatch Dave?
Best Shooter: Bee Eh!  shooting a tie for the course record at -13 on the 18.

The best Bloody Mary mixer in the crowd!
Bee Eh also made a wonderful Crab Bisque.

Hot Chick:  Lefty, participating for the first time and shooting a +2.
Lefty showing her putting skills.

Longest Putt:  Polisher (60'~)

Hot Shit:  Bee Eh:  Most improved

Straight Shooter:  Bee Eh!  (Most aces)  (There were 4 actual aces and two * aces during this tourney)

Bee Eh won with an actual ace on 9 (on the 18) and an unproved ace on 10.  Shaun Dog had an actual on 5 for a CTP (on the 18) and an *ace on 2.  Waffle Dough with an actual ace and an * ace on 16.  Lots of good shooting!  Bee Eh's unproved ace actually knocked the target to the ground!  There may have been other aces but these are what the brain cells kept.

Most Well Prepared:  Jalapena

Clean Sweep Award:  Jerry Garcia

Whiney Bitch Award:  Hawkeye

Most Overthrown Award:  Shaun Dog

UPtown Award, Best Dressed:  Air Bounce

Air Bounce showing off the fancy glove.

Take Up another sport:  Muamar

Forget Me NOT:  Jalapena

UP in Smoke:  Polisher

Skywalker Award:  Bling

Bling throwing on the 14th tee.

PWCMI Award:  Sunshine

Nutcracker:  Jalapena

Extra stuff:

We had several new players on the course but no rookie got to do the entire event.

Cuz Ev, the Bosun, Sox, Gunnar the dog, and Wildflower

Muahmar, Hawkeye, Doorman (Keeping Score)

Polisher relating a tough throw to the Rear Admiral.
Scorekeeping is an active event!
Lucky Dave., Sox, Jalapena, and Count Ferrari enjoying a bowl of excellent grub!
Foursomes crossing on the 7th hole of the 18, Safety first but there was a disc to head impact which led to the
bestowing of the Nutcracker award to Jalapena.

Note the Shadows for the weather!
Holly and Shaun Dog relax


  1. Awesome day at St. Patrick's GHEDI 2013. The Polisher and I came extensively prepared for whatever Griffen Hill had for us. The disk I'd won at GHEDI 2012 had surely improved my game this season. On our second round, Luck Dave, my doubles partner gave my first putter which will make me a better competitor for next season. Today and days after last Sunday, I'm still thinking about what an EPIC! day it was. Picturing my shots, the great food, seeing the awards everyone had won, and all the laughs we shared, I could not of asked for a better end of winter time with some great people. Thank you Count.

  2. Great write up, Count! Great event! Many thanks! I'm sorry I didn't have my camera on me this time. Oh, well, I was too busy getting shown up by my girlfriend anyway. Katie had a wonderful time at her first tournament and walked away with lots of loot in prizes. I won a pair of socks, which are quite comfy I must say.