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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

GHEDI Fall 2014

Griffin Hill Equinox Disc Invitational (GHEDI)  

September 20, 2014

It happened and was as good as it could be!  (submitted by Count Enrico Ferrari)

29 of the 30 players made the documentation photo.

Weather report:  At 9:30 AM (registration opened) we had about 66F and full sun, no wind.

Organization:  The shotgun start actually started on time!  10:00 AM due to the efforts and skills of our most excellent registration team of Stranger and the Score Keeper (aka Devil Mon, Doorman).

The Assistant Score Keeper, Stranger and the Score Keeper in their concentration mode.

There were several new players that came to throw and the donations to the prize box were amazing.  Lots of loot to be had for the awards and lots of new long arms that amazed the rookies and gave us all some to ooh and ahh over!

As to the LLR (Low Litter Rate) there were two filters found in the drive, one 16 oz Busch Lite on a post, mostly full, a PBR empty near it by hole 18, and a half filled water bottle by the pump house.  All in all a good day for the environment.

Food:  A mention must be made as the potluck feature resulted in too much food!  As usual the theme was a soup and condiment with side snacks and desserts.  Lined up for consumption were 4 crock pots with a beef noodle veggie, clam chowder, crab bisque (with only a few bits of shell), and a cold but very tasty gazpacho.  Added to that were multiple plates of corn muffins, corn bread, donuts, some totally amazing chocolate chip cookies, chips, cup cakes, fruit plate and other grazing foods.

The Bloody Marys came out to play before registration so many players were out throwing some practice holes and feeling good!

Shown is the back of white Suburban from which issued many alcoholic beverages.
"Eye" is showing he can still feel the air.

The fire was lit and approved by the Fire Marshall.  A serious disc hazard.

The play for the GHEDI has been formatted and is as follows.  A singles round of disc on the 18 hole pitch and putt course opens the tournament.  Scores ranged from a -15 (a new course record, set by AJ (who is only 17!) to a +18 by Smells Different and Dingus who tied  with the most strokes.  (+18 is the highest score you can get as we stop counting at 18).  For the individual round the scores ranged from -15 to +18.

AJ winning the coveted silver tree award for the Best Round on the 18.
Plus he took a $25 CTP on hold 15!  A good day!

After the 18 is played, the scores are reported and the teams are assembled for the Best Disc round on the 10 hole championship course.  The best scoring individual team up with the most challenged thrower are paired through a very difficult scoring process.  The system seems to work  as the team scores for the 10 hole ranged from -5 to a +2.

The Count explaining the cowbell as it would be used to gather all around
for some sort of data exchange.
The assignment of teams takes a bit but the food is a good distraction.  In fact many groups took a break as they played past the clubhouse and had a libation or snack before carrying on.

Sunshine, Moammar, Stranger, the Score Keeper and Hawkeye put the doubles together
after the singles round was completed.

This disc golf course is unique for the area having many gates and horses on the course.  There is a huge penalty for hitting a horse.  Banishment was suggested.

Zephyr, Ozzetta and our oldest at 24 years, Rosie.

Players were encouraged to send out a wrangler to move the ponies if needed.  There were many time when the play was slowed due to horse or other players being in the way.  Safety was encouraged as catching a driver in the teeth would not be fun.  All players were very courteous and followed PDGA protocol and deferring to the higher numbered hole when needed.  It is great fun to see the discs come zooming in.

Do you need Extra Reading on Disc Golf?  Here is a new blog site written by a first time GHEDI player, John Synco who wrote about the GHEDI on his own, complete with photos.

Click here to read Disc Golf Blog

(You should scroll down to the GHEDI article if that is all you want to read about.)

Many players came but at least one needs mentioning.  This tournament is held to encourage newbies or challenged disc players.  Dingus has been invited many times but finally showed up.  He shot a +18 (he was a bit late for the start) (There was no WFM) but since he has had 8 surgeries in the past year, including a heart by pass and pig valve implant in his heart it is remarkable that he is vertical!

Dingus winning the Furthest Traveled Award
taking home a disc and award certificate,
suitable for framing.

Hawkeye winning the Nutcracker award.
The Count explaining why Sunshine (on right in blue) deserved
the Clean Sweep Award.  (removal of dog poo!)
John winning an undocumented award (?)  Maybe someone will
be able to update the Count on this award.

Moammar winning the Straight Shooter Award for
most Aces and he won a $25 CTP on #10
He had a good day on the course!

Stranger accepting the UPtown Award for best dressed.
A standing ovation by most!

The Polisher receiving the UP in Smoke award and the Forget Me NOT
award, which he forgot to take home.  Is there a correlation here?

The Wind Princess receiving the 2nd from Last Trophy by scoring a +9 on the 18.
Shawndog receiving the Hot Shit award for his improvement from a +5 to a -5
score on the 18.
A. Hill getting the Take UP another Sport Award!
His score went from a -10 to a still respectable -6.

Smells Different accepting her Best Rookie Award with a +18 score
on the 18 hole course.  Her first disc golf experience!

The Count and Smells Different showing why this tournament is held!

B-Eh! accepting his treasured 7th Place Award.  No pain being felt here!

A. Hill and NicBro accepting the 2nd Place Trophy after a 5 team playoff.
They both also won the Most Regular Award (Costco's finest roll stock) for
being right in the middle of the scores on the 18 round.

the Hot Chick Award for best score by a girl.

Kok accepting the Skywalker Award for finding the a path
where one should not have been.  His first GHEDI but we hope it is not
his last.

The Fire Marshall accepting an unknown award (until someone tells me what it is).

The bottom line:Fun was had by all!

Please try and leave a comment.  I know it is tough but they are appreciated.

Photos taken by Waffle Dough

-Count Enrico Alfredo Ferrari-


  1. Hi, Count. Thanks again for the great time. This is John. My award was for Most Well Equipped. I had a fancy bag with too many discs.

  2. Nice account, Count. It was a lovely, leisurely, yet lively event not lacking in liquidity--and it didn't rain. Great photos :-) Thanks again for the party!