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Sunday, November 2, 2014

GHIDN 2014

There were no photos taken that I noted but it was a good night for disc.  Black out with no wind or rain, and not too cold (45ish).

16 bodies showed and a couple of rookies played.  All the spare lit discs (6) were taken out for a romp.

The targets had minimal lighting.  The glow sticks were dim and the cheesy solar lights gave out way too soon.  However a solution may be in the works as the inflated LUCI lights were a big hit!

The luminaries on the tees were awesome as usual.  Love those things and they stayed lit for the entire tourney plus a bit.  There were three Jack O Lanterns that made the two weeks from a pumpkin carving party to the GHIDN night.  When the smart phone ever gets photos downloaded to the computer these will be on the website.  

Lots of good snacks came and were consumed.  (Count Seahawk gained 2 lbs on this day!)

Costumes were worn by about half the players with a special note of creativity going to Larry Bird, Raven, Birdie and Bird Man.  Raven hit the bird theme and the superhero theme that were suggested so maybe she should win the 'Best Costume' award.  Kudos have to be extended to Birdie who wore a disc target around her upper body for the entire tourney, very creative!

Other costumes were Japanese warrior from WWII, Count Seahawk, Zombie (excellent work!) and forgive me if I missed you but send me a reminder to add you in.

IF anyone has photos please send them to me so I can place them on my GHIDN blog site.

Scores for the best disc 18 were topped by Zombie and Count Seahawk with a -13.  Larry Bird and Birdie scored a -12 including a natural ACE on hole 12 (the white trash target), and in 3rd position were Raven and Bird Man with a -10.

A low trash element on the course resulted in only one 16oz Budlight can being found on the course and a couple of the same partially full laying about in the club house.  You know who you are.... Someone will fill me in as to a possible Forget Me NOT trophy award on the next tourney.

A red roadrunner was reported missing but none was found on the following morning.  Let me know if you have it in your bag and we can split the reward from the Score Keeper.

Special KUDOS need to go to the Assistant Scorekeeper who stepped in and took command while the Score Keeper was out on the course setting things up.  

Submitted by:

Count Enrico Alfredo Ferrari Seahawk

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