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Thursday, March 24, 2016

GHEDI Spring 2016

The Scoreboard!

A fun loving group of a baker's dozen played on March 20, 2016
Mike, Momahamar, Rear Admiral, Scorekeeper, Hawkeye, Nico, Count Ferrari,, Legs, Doug V., Ron
Spanish John, Acehole, and the Polisher
All photos by Brenda!

An oddness occurred, or at least a never been done before at this tournament in a history of 8 years with 2x a year.  There was a father-son team with two of Albanian descent.   The Rear Admiral and Nico teamed up to play the 10 Hole Best Disc round. Not only did they play together, They WON!

Documentation of cheating has been requested.

Doug V. on #3 tee

The Polisher showing Odd Job technique.

The Rear Admiral with his famous hip shot.

The Acehole returns as Mullet Man.
He actually trained for this event!

Ron wondering if his photo will show up at the post office.

Count Ferrari backhanding hole 8 en-route to a bird.

Mike showing good aiming skills.

Doug V, and Countess Ferrari having chow at the clubhouse.

The Countess with Chyna and Sparky on lead.

The Scorekeeper and Hawkeye doing some organizing.

The Scorekeeper showing his outfit.
He won the UPtown award for best dressed!

Nico showing surprise as Brenda gets his photo.
Legs showing off her very cool pink disc.
She went on to win the Hot Chick award as the best
female player at the GHEDI.

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