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Sunday, October 1, 2017

GHEDI 2017 Fall Tournament

(Griffin Hill Equinox Disc Invitational) 
occurred on September 23, 2017
Group photo of the players! (23 counted)
Photo by Sonia
This event dates back to 2008
The score card!
Photo by Joy
The loot for the awards.  Many returning trophies.
Attendance was limited, for the first time, to 32 pre-registered players.  All others were welcome.  As it turns out there were only 23 players.  We did have 32 registered at one point with 3 on the standby list.  Those who missed, missed out on a great day!
Legs driving #7 of 10.
Photo by Joy

The weather was perfect in the high 60's and sunny.  The amount of players did not crowd the course and the food was too much, as usual!
The tee box on hole 8 of the 18.
Photo by Joy
The target is just visible on the tree
with the survey tape showing.
#8 on the 18.
Photo by Joy
The course was in fine preparation with Jerry Garcia coming by on Thursday to assist in the final pruning and burning of limbs.  We also prepped a couple of the tee pads.  The Countess had raked the entire estate and with the Count's tractor driving we compiled HUGE piles of branches and fir cones.
Horses check out the discs.
Photo by Joy
Rain came 4 days before the GHEDI, allowing the piles to be burned.  We had gone about 80 days with only one day of rain the entire summer.  The piles of branches were very dry and burned easily.

Legs and her escort of RBGs
Really Big Guys!

Legs showing the path her disc took
on it's way to target #15.

That's right, through here!
The awards ceremony by Count Enrico.
Taking a break at the clubhouse between rounds.  Scorekeepers on the right working hard to set up the teams for best disc on the 10 hole round.
Note:  Previous scorecards mounted on garage door dating back to 2008.

Ozetta (the white horse, Nick, Cajun (reigning course champion), B Eh?, the Count.
Quite a team playing on the 18 hole pitch and putt course.
Photo by Legs!
Wildlife in the pond at Griffin Hill.  Note water level is very low.
Agatha, the hippo usually has just her head above water.
Clingmon, the swamp monster, is looking for chow always!
Photo by Joy
Entrance to Griffin Hill.
Photo by Joy

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