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Monday, March 25, 2019

GHEDI Spring 2019

2019 GHEDI Spring Event
March 23, Saturday

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Griffin Hill Equinox Disc Invitational

(note:  Most photos were taken by Jalapeno and the Rear Admiral)

Griffin Hill about one week before the big event!
Snow was on the ground for more than a month! Feb/March.

This is one of 6-8 fires to burn debris in preparation for the event.
Note the snow lurking near the pond.
Seemed like the detritus would never stop falling out of the trees.
Pure luck to enjoy all this!
The facts: 
Weather:  55F and cloudless most of the day, no wind and dry footing
Food:  Too much good stuff!  A partial list would be posole soup, meat balls and gravy, sausage pasta soup, pork sliders, thai noodle salad, cookies, chips, dips, good breads, chocolate coffee beans, etc...
The Players:  19 shooters, 18 male, one female!
The Play:  One *ACE (by Air Bounce)

The Awards:  See the score board photo below.
The results and awards.
A special note of thanks to the Score Keeper who keeps upping his artistic game on the score board.

Group Photo of the brave players before the round.  Note the hard shadows about to strike on the trees and barn.

Hole 9 tee
Air Bounce, Legs, Score Keeper, Count, Eye

Jerry Garcia, collecting CTP funds, Hawkeye watching,
Score Keeper considering, and Ron trying to register.

Lou, testing the Bloody Mary's, Air Bounce, Eye and Matteo all smiling.
Note the Bloody Mary altar.  Many were served.

3 of the elderly... All class of 1969!
Score Keeper, DVE, Count
The clubhouse between rounds.  The fire table getting a workout but not anyone warming....
Jason, Countess, Legs, Score Keeper, Ron, Rear Admiral, The Miller, DVE, and the Count.

Note the pasture, VERY cropped and short as it was winter pasture for the horses.
Also, note Jerry Garcia's pants!  Stars and Stripes!

The Count awarding prizes after
2 rounds of competition.

The Rear Admiral with the 2nd Place
Trophy which has a CULT following.
More clubhouse rest and food. 
Sarge, DVE, BA, Jalapena, Navlos, Jason

The crew coming in to the summons for the start of the rounds.
Mateo, Jerry Garcia, Eye, Sweet Lou, Air Bounce.

The Score Keeper listens to Hawkeye
as they try and record all the events.
The White Trash target on hole #12.
A Cadillac hubcap!
The Countess, Indecent and Legs in the foreground
of the clubhouse during registration.

Standing in the sun holding a Bloody
Mary was a popular event.
BA sitting on the bar doling them out!
Eye doing his best to taste test his.
The infamous Stop Sign.
Hit the sign and land in the target
and you take a stroke off.
Funny how this adds a bunch
of strokes!
Jason assisting Sarge in his pursuit of an errant throw.  No OB
on this course.  Just a rough outside the fences!

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