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Sunday, April 28, 2019

MG Tulip Rallye, 2019

The MG club of Chuckanut presents
The 2019 Tulip Rallye

Speaking of great stuff, the MG Tulip Rallye put on by the Chuckanut MG club happened yesterday.  I am unsure if you and Barbara would want to spend the day in your car solving riddles posed by the rally master but we had a hoot.  I have an experienced team of 4 bodies total riding about Skagit County with a short foray into Whatcom County for just under 5 hours.  We took my old Mercedes S-500 (The Uboat) and lots of finger food and sharpened our observational skills.

For instance, one of the clues was 'This guy does his business in white', we were driving past David's Bridal so that is the answer one writes down.  Another was 'The dingo ate my baby' and the Outback Steakhouse was in view, albeit somewhat obscured by vegetation.  The correct answer as it turns out.  There were over 100 questions and lots of driving instructions.  We managed to get back with about 20 minutes to spare (not a timed rally) as the tests needed to by in by 2:00 PM.

We were in the OPEN class as we were unaffiliated with any car club and we only missed one answer which is the best we have ever done.  There were 128 preregistered cars and at least 20-30 day of registrants...  Big fun getting lost and trying to solve the problems.  We probably logged an additional 7 miles doing u turns to look for clues.

It is very fun to see the classic sports cars and odd cars that enter this zooming about, seemingly lost (there are 4 versions of the test, so do NOT follow anyone!)  I have not a clue how someone in a top down sports car, on their own fares with this type of rally.  I imagine just going for a ride in the bucolic farm land is reward enough.

It is an annual thing, this is the 8th time I have done it and the third time with this same team.  We even recognized some of the old questions from previous rallies.  However, the rally master was EVIL and provided driving instructions, out of sync with the clues for the questions.... OH MY!

The one clue which we got correct but had a desperate feeling about was 'Boo Boo and Yogi had fun at this Water Park'  Well, we had crossed a creek labeled Bear Creek well before a couple of driving instructions that came well before the Yogi Bear referenced clue.  The Bear Creek observation was the ONLY thing close except for an official Park on Lake Samish.  We submitted it and it was correct!

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