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Sunday, October 6, 2019

GHEDI Fall of 2019

The Griffin Hill Equinox Disc Invitational
Fall of 2019

October 5, 2019

Great fun was had by all!


A round on the 18 hole pitch and putt course with scores reported to the Score Keeper, Door Man start off the days activities. Next the Putt Contest was introduced ($1 entry fee) while the scores were being processed into teams for the Best Disc Doubles round that takes place on the 10 hole course.

All anecdotes are gathered for the Awards Ceremony and trophies and certificates are presented..

Free play is then encouraged while some have to drive home a LONG way.

The Registration:
The pre-registration was an issue as we ended August.  Originally the date was set for September 22, which is much closer to the actual Equinox (Sept. 23) but due to conflicts and lack of signups the date was changed for October 5.  That was a good date change as the weather on 9-22 was rain all day.  October 5 (the substitute day) = pretty darn nice!

On October 3 we had 32 filling the registration with 4 on the overload list.  All were instructed to show up and we would deal with it.  We ended up at 28 which is a sweet number to break into foursomes.

Course Set UP:
The course was set up on October 3 and the new So You Think You Can Putt tournament was initiated and set up.  Score Keeper, Jerry Garcia, Bling and Sweet Lou all came by and we had the thing done before noon.  The Count was a happy camper.

The Weather:
October 3 was a perfect fall day with sun and broken clouds for the setup.  October 4 it dumped rain all day and night.  October 5, the day of the GHEDI the rains basically stopped except for a 5 minute shower and then finished with sun from 11:00 on Temps in the morning in the 50s and going to the 60s for the PM.  Tee shirt weather!

Comment from the Count:

This was one of the most successful GHEDI's ever. Thanks to all who attended and helped.

Readers of this blog:  IF you can figure out how to leave a comment at the bottom please do.


Clean up for the event was limited to finding two Marlboro 100 (guess) cigarette butts that came out of the exhaust of DVE's white BMW.  The Count watched them discharge as he was backing out of his parking place.

There was also a black pony tail rubber band thing about 1.5" in diameter and maybe 1/8" thick.

Group Photo:

The 28 players of the Fall 2019 GHEDI
Photo by the Countess

The Score:

All art work shown is original by the Score Keeper
The Food:

There was a record amount of food for all.  The space for putting out crock pots was filled and extended to other parts of the clubhouse.

All sorts of soups and casserole on this main bench,
 desserts and pork sliders and fruit and ....on the other table.
OMG  no one went away hungry.
Photo by the Rear Admiral
So You Think You Can Putt:

This is a new feature and contest for the GHEDI.  Players signed up for the cost of $1 and then were separated into two groups, each putting at a separate target, the black and the red targets of identical design.  Position flags were placed and numbered starting at 1 and going to 11 with an additional 5' of distance added per station.  Random vectors gave a different look to each position.

Each player was allowed to throw until they missed.  The top two from each group were then put on one target for a playoff.  Position 6 seemed to be the end of the road for all but Sarge who took the victory and the MONEY!  Honorable mention to the final 4 of BA, Chris, Brandon, and Sarge.

If you look close you might see the green survey flags denoting the position of the putt station.
Jerry Garcia, the Putt Master, is taking the first position putt of 5' while half the crew
Photo by Acehole

This contest allowed the scorekeepers to get some work done and process the 18 scores and partner up the teams for the Championship Doubles.
Score Keeper and Mitigation Specialist Hawkeye
arranging the teams for the Championship Doubles
Photo by Acehole


The awards started around the scheduled time and The Count was greatly assisted by Acehole, arranging the swag, Score Keeper (Door Man) for all his calculations, Hawkeye for his camera work and most of all for Joy agreeing to be Trophy Girl!
Several of the trophies are repurposed and have been awarded
again and again.  The Bullmoose trophy is now awarded to the
Putt Champion.
Photo by Acehole

The Coveted Second Place Trophy is the tall one on the right.
Many iterations of it as it goes home and then comes back with
more glitter and glory!

Lots of loot is given out on several awards.  More photos to follow.
Photo by the Rear Admiral

Joy as trophy girl, the Score Keeper making it all happen.  The Count on the right (tall dude) announcing
as Master of Ceremonies.

The fire dancing as it should!
Photo by the Rear Admiral
Eye Rolling accepting the new 18 victory trophy.
Acehole in background was the Official Photographer.
The lovely Joy was our trophy girl.
Photo by Hawkeye

UPtown award, Count Ferrari
(best dressed by acclaim)
Photo by Hawkeye

Legs accepting the Traveler
Award, coming from
Brain Damage Island
Photo by Hawkeye

The Skywalker Award to Cajun
Shooting an impossibly good shot on hole 4 on the 10 for a 'gimme' asterisk ACE!
Photo by Hawkeye

The MIller taking the MOST prestigious award!
The Regular Award
For finishing in the middle of the group on the 18.
Photo by Hawkeye

Legs being awarded the HOT Chick Award
Photo by Hawkeye

Bling, Sweet Lou, Jerry Garcia, and the Score Keeper
Clean Sweep Award
for helping set up the course.
Photo by Hawkeye

Cajun and Count Ferrari accepting the
2nd Place Award
-8 in the doubles on the 10 hole course
Photo by Hawkeye

Shaun Dog winning the Forget Me NOT award.
Left a disc on the course.
Photo by Hawkeye
Damon accepting the Nutcracker Award
Got an owie on his throwing hand in the bushes.
Photo by Hawkeye

Sarge accepting the PUTT Champion award
Winning the first ever So You Think You Can Putt
Photo by Hawkeye

Hawkeye accepting the
7th Place Trophy
for the 18Photo
Photo by ???
Ron accepting the Straight Shooter award
Pulled an ACE on hole 18!
Photo by Hawkeye

Count Ferrari being happy!
Photo by ??

Happy Dance!

Ron getting his disc out after hitting the only ACE of the tournament.  Paid out $25
Photo by the Rear Admiral

Party ON!:

BA and the fountain of Bloody Marys
Photo by the Rear Admiral

This event is a potluck and snack format.  OMG the food that shows up here is of outstanding taste and variety.  Crab Bisque, Lamb/Beef stew, macaroni, veggies and beef, two different chilies (one that was extra spicy), BBQ pork sliders, potato soup, and some that I didn't get to!

No one went away hungry!
Note the number of crock pots and there was another
not in the photo.  Lids to the containers were not quite restored to
their proper pots.  A solution is needed for the next event.
Photo by Acehole

Incidental atmosphere photos:

Damon looking like all is correct in the world.
Photo by the Rear Admiral

The Clubhouse between rounds
Photo by the Rear Admiral
Legs throwing to Hole #2
Photo by Acehole

Photo by Acehole

Hooping on display by a professional hooper!
Joy is also titled as Assistant Score Keeper.
Photo by Acehole

Hit a horse and your juju will be
Wrangling was done to protect the innocent.
Photo by Acehole

Pre function as acquaintances are made and caught up.
This event has been going since 2008.
Photo by Acehole

The Rear Admiral writing his name down on Hole
4 CTP.  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
Photo by Acehole

Showing the dappled sun on Hole 7 target.
Photo by Acehole

The Stop Sign target... A stroke adder if ever greed could affect the putt.
An Asterisk is added and a stroke is taken off if you hit the sign and
end up in the basket.
Photo by Acehole

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