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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Pumpkin Carving 2019

An annual event we host each year, here at Griffin Hill Farm, is the Pumpkin Carving Potluck dinner party.  A fun event and an excuse to invite folks over for a gathering.  Seating in the house
Tasting libations after the carving and sharp tools are put down.
at dinner limits the number to 12.

Pumpkins are grown in the front pasture using aged horse manure and stall shavings top soil that has been aging for years.  It is very fertile for pumpkins and the location has a good bit of sun most of the day.  This year 12 plants for carving and about 6 plant for sugar pumpkins were planted.  There were about 50 volunteer plants (the most ever) left from the pumpkins from last year.

I am not really sure how to best encourage the volunteers but covering the pumpkins (whole) with top soil in the fall and then adding some more soil and squishing the area where the old pumpkins were might have done the trick.  That technique will be tried again.

The harvest came in with about 35-40 pumpkins, by far the largest crop but far fewer than anticipated with all the volunteer plants.  It seems that fresh plants are a good idea.

Pumpkin Carving You Tube:
About a minute long.with good tips on basics. Followed by a Martha Stewart interview with a very fine and creative pumpkin carver, another 7 minutes....

The Clubhouse being re-purposed for carving pumpkins.

Setting up for the group photo.

Candid shot

Mike and Jackie having fun in the sun/
The ladies all talking away, having fun.

Time for food said Sparky and Milly.  Beverly and Lori are listening.

All lined up and with their hard work showing.


  1. What a fun day! Griffin Hill, Eric and Lori, are the ultimate host and hostess - or should I say Count and Countess!

  2. Wish I could have been there. I would have had Jackie help me stack a six high Carin.