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Monday, December 9, 2019

Disc Golf at Glacier, WA 2019

Bling, DD, and myself met at 9:15 AM up at the Cook Road exit north of Mount Vernon and transferred to the U-Boat.  It should be noted this was December 8 and the temp at the course was about 45 so light sweatshirt and vest with gloves for a costume.

DD offered me a bit of peanut butter and it made me happy for the day!

An unexpected Activity:
After making the turn off Highway 99 which we went north on, we passed a Sheriff with not much going on as we were doing near 60 mph in a 45...  Condensed version:  A warning about not having a front license plate and watch your speed.  Whew!

We sedately went around Lake Whatcom and over to Highway 9 and then up to the MT. Baker Highway to Glacier.  Trip length from Cook Road to Glacier was an hour, included our roadside discussion.

The little turnoff road to the left, just past the Ranger Station was REALLY potholed so the U-Boat got out the compressor and raised itself 3" for the 150' drive up the road.  Pretty cool! (Did have to push a button.)

The weather was broken clouds with dapple in the forest that was wet from heavy dew.  The course was all ours.  The footing was treacherous on the first hole and a few other bits but we did think we played all 36 holes.  The back 18 is not really labeled very well but we think we found them in order but didn't keep track of how many we found.  Note: This course has the most up and down of any course in my experience.  It is a real workout!

The beautiful moss on the ground is like a little Ewok forest you can see from 1000 feet.  The (Spanish?) moss hanging from the trees is prevalent and really shows the shape of the forest.  4-5" thick in most trees.  Even the targets have moss on them.  All targets are some sort of hoop with net.  All were in good repair.  We had a couple of birds each and the scores were kept for each 18 as we were not sure if we would find all the holes in the back 18.

BL = -1 for the back, par for the front
DD = +4 for the back and +1 on the front
CF =  par on the back and +1 on the front

Course note:
One leaves for the back 18 after playing hole #8 by taking a left turn in the trail just before the #9 tee on the front 18.  There is a short walk with a log crossing to the back #1 tee.  From there just mainly follow the trail and look for targets.  Scouting (or called Nancy by us) is a good idea if you have not played or have a long and wrong throw in you.  We did spend some time looking for Katanas that went walkabout out of sight, but no discs were lost in this outing.

We got off the course around 1:30 so three hours of pretty fine hiking, interrupted by a throw or 80.

Search for food:
There are many options for food intake but we tried the cafe in Glacier first.  Closed for remodel but opening soon again.  We opted for taking the Baker Highway all the way to Bellingham, search for Deming but didn't really see any commercial district but there was an interesting tavern that was serving BBQ pork sandwiches at the turnoff to Everson.

Yelp found 5 stars for this Italian place way out there but the Count wanted a "Cafe" and stipulated 3 cars outside for our search parameters.  Bling got his Yelp started and handed it to DD.  The learning experience didn't last too long and Bling got the phone back.  One cafe in Bellingham had 4 1/2 stars so we headed in.  

We would NEVER have found it without Yelp directions.  It is located in a small residential housing area and has a small market attached to it and one SMALL sign.  There is parking for two cars out front and some across the street apparently.  It looked closed but the windows for the cafe are just smoked.  GREAT FIND!

BLing had a Reuben with fries (all great!) while DD and CF had a BLTA with a cup of soup, made in house (potato and chicken mushroom).  Great coffee too.

Card tournament:
We started with a closely contested game of cribbage, interrupted by the delivery of food, which was scarfed while the board and cards lay dormant.  DD took the win, with CF in the stink hole and BL about 10 point from the end.

Switching to Down the River (DTR), we played 6 games and in the end it was a draw with each of us taking 2 games to victory.  It should be noted that DD sat at the little kids table for quite a few hands as BL and CF duked it out to last Ace round at least 2 times.

Leftover items:
There is a black light rain coat in the trunk of the U-Boat.  it wasn't there before the trip.


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