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Friday, January 22, 2021

Playing at THE ROCK in Atown

 Bill and the Count acted as altruistic guides (no guide fee asked for or given) for the boys from Lake Stevens as we all took on the The Rock course by the docks up in Atown.  This was their inaugural time on this course and was done in honor of the inauguration of the new President of the USA.  We played all three courses as best we could.  Red, Blue, and then White (missed the tees on 4 and 6??).  The course does present a bit of hiking about challenges!



CF= par
BA= -2
Cajun= -4
Eye= -1
Bling= par An ACE on hole number 4!


CF/BL= -3 (tied our best score)
BA= +1
Cajun= E
Eye= +2


BA= +1
Cajun= -1
Eye= -1

Post throwing events saw the top of Cap Sante Rock as we drove up to look about.  Then all but the Count went over to the Fildago Drive In and had a good bit of food.  To quote BA "Poops after crab sandwich... +2.5"  Maybe too much information?  I do know those crab sandwiches are among the best I have ever had!

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