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Sunday, September 25, 2022

GHEDI September 24, 2022 (a Saturday)


Griffin Hill Equinox Disc Invitational

Held September 24, 2022

The weather was perfect in the low to mid 70s and dry!

NOTE:  There were 4 throwing rings that might have wandered off the course in bags.  IF you have them, bring them back next time.

The cleanup only found 1 cigarette butt and one bottle cap.  Not too bad.  


Due to an overindulgence of good times, all the awards were undocumented

These are the few that were saved.

The MUCH Coveted 2nd Place award in team play with a -7 (needed a playoff) went to Dragon and Skat 

They claimed there would be a questionable upgrade to the trophy.

2nd to Last on the 18:  The Doorman

The Most Regular:  Hawkeye

The Nutcracker:  The Count Ferrari (bee sting and then 3 Benadryl's )

I wish I could Throw award :  Skat

Best Score on the 18:  Duffman (-15)

Forget Me Not:  Papabear?

Ace Pot:  Shared out between 3 outstanding shooters.  Eye Rolling on 9, Duffman on 17, and Count Ferrari on 15 with a skip ace! There were some *Aces but they have no value next to a real one.

CTP's:  #4 was B'eh!, and #7 was The Count, and #10 was Duffman, and #15 was The Count with an ACE.

Attendance had 20 players of all abilities, and two cheerleaders making up the gallery for a couple of the cards.   By a guess, EVERYONE had fun!

Group photo with all anticipating a good time.
It came to fruition!

The setup, meaning hauling out the chairs, and odd support infrastructure was handled by B' eh! and Jerry Garcia with The Count on the Thursday prior to the tournament.  The practice round by Jerry and Count Ferrari saw a close contest with the Count scoring a -6 to edge Mr. Garcia who finished with -5.  The advantage was lots of practice at the CTP targets.  

The takedown, a record sub two hour event by the Count.

The EXQUISIT Scorecard done by The Doorman
Assisted by Hawkeye and J. Lo

The various awards are mostly undocumented as The Scorekeeper had to exit before the ceremony and the usual Master of Ceremonies got stung by a bee and took 3 Benadryl pills on top of his mood enhanced state.  B'eh! managed to stay vertical long enough to make all the awards supported by Hawkeye who is our go to Prize Master.

Ring of Fire:

Winner was Raider Rick

This video is supposed to play but technology has challenged
the writer of this blog.

There was a buy in for $1.  Everyone throws at the same time until only one disc is in the target.  If all disc miss, all the throwers get to come back for more throwing!

I suggest throwing with power as The Count had his centered disc knocked off by another incoming disc.

It begins with a short bit of announcements after everyone has registered.
Note the anticipation of fun!

 A photo of some food.  There was a LOT!

Duffman showing off his ACE on 17.

Papa Bear at the end of the shearing.
He had lost a bet at a previous tournament (Aquafest)
and this GHEDI had plenty of horse

Dragon shearing off all of Papa Bear's hair.

Eye, Count Enrico and Raider Rick enjoying the 
awards ceremony.  

Sherilyn admiring Skat (for some reason)
as he accepts his trophy for doing really badly!
Take UP another Sport award.

DVE, The Rear Admiral, The Countess and Count

Hawkeye putting the prizes together for the awards ceremony.

Heading out from the clubhouse to play a round.

The Rear Admiral taking a shot at a bird off the roof.

Eye Rolling showing off his ACE on 12.

Pumpkin Flowers on the course

Many pumpkins turning gold!

Some excitement on hole 9 with Eye getting an Ace
while Jerry Garcia cops a feel and B'eh!

B'eh! trying to figure a path around the horse.

Maybe this one will work?  
Rings make it fun!

These were used for Hole 1 and 2 for a big laugh!
Tough to control and flew forever!
Some wandered off in bags.  Please return for the next event
L&W was the word (Long and Wrong)

The Bloody Mary wagon waiting to dispense
more fun for all!

Mistakenly called Take UP another Sport Award
Skat won this first time trophy.
Note the lack of arms on the trophy.

J. Lo taking advantage of the elevation
to enhance her throw on 1.

DVE and Hawkeye mugging for the camera.

Turtlehead (or Waffle Dough) and Lefty
enjoying a moment with the Count

Raider Rick having a moment with Annalise
the mare on the course.

The Doorman out wrangling the horse to try 
and protect it from flying plastic.

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