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Friday, June 18, 2021

GHSDI 2021 (first ever)

 This article is being written before the event even starts.

  The Disc 

Tournament was held on a Saturday,, June 19, 2021

Griffin Hill Solstice Disc Invitational (GHSDI)

  This is a  new iteration of the GHEDI (many articles in the Leisure Log about that)  The main difference is this is being held on the longest day of the year instead of teh equal length day of the Equinox as it always had been  held.

The GHEDI has been cancelled since the Fall of 2019 and this date (June 19) has a solar significant event.  The thought was to ease back into the vaccinated population of disc golfers.

Bonus:  The weather is beautiful going from a cold iat night of about 60F to a high about 74F while the rest of the West and MidWest is hovering at or above 100F.  (Sucks to be there)

Photos will hopefully come in from all those cell phones and people who remember to use them for a picture.


For the past two months the Countess has been busy raking the entire estate and seeing to it that myself carried all the detritus to the burn pile and ignited it.

The Thursday prior, we had a work party and 5 eager beavers showed up and the entire course was spruced to the max!  \\

BA brougnt his battery operated (Ego, 56v string trimmer and went through 1.5 batteries) and he basically went over all the tees and various deep bushes that were still standing after I had mowed.

The Scorekeeper came by with his Stihl trimmer and chainsaw on a stick but was diligent in up grading the scoreboards of the past, taking down all the unreadable records of which there were many.

Cajun got all the seating out and filled out the CTP packets.  He and Jerry Garcia got the "So You Think You Can Putt" contest ready for the brave souls who might invest a dollar to lose to .... maybe ME, the Count?

Eye and Jerry Garcia put out all the signage and cleaned up some of the tees..  No small task!

At 12:30 we took a break in the newly assembled clubhouse and had some pizze and chocolate


We played a round on the GH 18.  There is speculation that the Count might be vulnerable now having shot his best in a year... Two ACES and a total round score of -13.  The aces came on #2 with his first throw of the day using his new disc (the Sheriff).  The second one was a money shot if done on Saturday on #10 a CTP hole.

The Count may have used up all his luck.  We shall see.  I wonder if it was the beer I had at lunch?

Scores for the preview round:

CF = -13, Cajun = -8, Eye = -6, Jerry Garcia = -4  BA and DD took off before the completion of this round.  They will be back for the real event.

Weather on the day of:  

Blue skies with a bit of cloud wisps.  52F at 08:30.  No wind.

It was a cloudy start but cleared to sun around 13:00 and stayed clear and sunny for the duration of the day.


For the first time ever, the GHSDI was sponsored by Parke Investments with a boxes of cool swag, including 15 Buzz discs with Parke Investment labels which are sure to be a collector disc of the future.  IF anyon is interested in having their wealth managed, the Count can say he has not had to work for 16 years as a result of heeding the advice given by Josh Parke. 

 Contact Phone:  208-627-5160

All the players received something from the prize table and were very happy.  

The Scoreboard:

Lost and 'Found:

One of the most noted trophies is the Forget Me NOT.  It is awarded to the player who leaves something behind on the course.   The intent is to keep detritus from occurring away from the proper disposal area.

It is very effective as players were out looking for some beer or glass of juice they may have set down and others were looking for the same in order to bestow the award on someone else!  So far, 3 days later, there has been no sign of any foreign substance on the course.  However, in the clubhouse....

Two unlikely items were left behind: (Do they revert to awards for the next event?  Stay tuned)

Bag of discs
So far, no one has mentioned who might have left these.

Pile of money

The suspected were contacted to verify who this belongs to and a response was "Did it smell like beer?" came back.  Answer.... NO

The Players:

20 shooters showed up to test themselves against each other

The Players:

20 shooters showed up to test themselves against each other in the best weather possible.  Welcome back to the course after the Covid Pandemic!

Photos from the course:

Jerry Garcia and his WAY, watched by Jesse
photo by Hawkeye

Photo Credit:  The bulk of the photos in this blog were taken by Joy!  

BA and Dave the Miller watching the Count throw into Hole #5.
Eye showing his forehand throw on #14, watched by BA, Dave, and the Count
Analisa helping to keep the course trimmed.  This is her first exposure to discs.

Analisa and Zephyr putting up with the fun.

Hawkeye and Jerry Garcia contemplate a path down #3 watched by BA and Jesse

Eye and Dave putt out #16 trying to play the stopsign for a stroke bonus.

The number 3 target is a tonal tube hanging at the end of the trees.  A tough throw.
The Count, DVE, Jerry Garcia, and Hawkeye

Eye shooting on 17, the shortest hole at 94'.  Jesse, Dave, The Count,and DVE watching.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Playing at THE ROCK in Atown

 Bill and the Count acted as altruistic guides (no guide fee asked for or given) for the boys from Lake Stevens as we all took on the The Rock course by the docks up in Atown.  This was their inaugural time on this course and was done in honor of the inauguration of the new President of the USA.  We played all three courses as best we could.  Red, Blue, and then White (missed the tees on 4 and 6??).  The course does present a bit of hiking about challenges!



CF= par
BA= -2
Cajun= -4
Eye= -1
Bling= par An ACE on hole number 4!


CF/BL= -3 (tied our best score)
BA= +1
Cajun= E
Eye= +2


BA= +1
Cajun= -1
Eye= -1

Post throwing events saw the top of Cap Sante Rock as we drove up to look about.  Then all but the Count went over to the Fildago Drive In and had a good bit of food.  To quote BA "Poops after crab sandwich... +2.5"  Maybe too much information?  I do know those crab sandwiches are among the best I have ever had!

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Disc with Wings


The write UP for the mini GHEDI held on Friday is as follows.

August 8, 2020, the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic.

First round of disc on the GH 18:

A choice of days for this event was presented and it fell that Friday was selected.  6 of us found the day after the rain storm filled with sun and clear air.  (As it turns out Saturday was also rain to start).

The Count was overjoyed at completing the refinish on the Patio Doors after 9 days of stripping, sanding, and finishing.  A celebration of disc was required as he had gone discless during that DIY project! (Squeezed in 9 holes on Thursday but then the rain drove him inside).

The patio was set up for 6 for a lunch of brats and wings, buns were brought (more on that later), a wonderful fresh peaches with FRESH black berries and whipped cream, chips and beverages to be served after the first round of 18.  There were also fresh anniversary brownies (not magic) celebrating the Count and Countess being married for 44 years!

There were 6 of us, BA, Shaun Dog, Jerry Garcia, Eye, Cajun and The Count.

The results of the 18 were a surprise to the author of this missive....  Count = -13, Shaun, BA, and Jerry = -9, Eye = -8, and Cajun -7.

Lunch was called but the Countess informed us that Sparky had found the hot dog buns and ate them all but one.  Ahhh, what a hunter!


During the break, BA thought to challenge the Count in some cribbage to assuage his own honor.  He was taken 2/2 games at a previous meet at the Eye's home.  BA thought he would get in some revenge.  Now, to his credit he did get 3 points of Muggins off the Count in a crib but that was not enough as the Count took him by nearly 20 points.

2nd round of Disc, Partners and Best Disc on the GH 10:

We teamed up in the tradition of the GHEDI with Count and Cajun, Shaun and BA and Jerry and Eye as teams.

The score on the 10 hole course is a bit foggy but Shaun and BA =-7, Cajun and Count = -5, Jerry and Eye = -4 ??

There was an armed (with machetes) effort at finding one of Jerry's Discs that went (we thought) off course into the VERY rough southlands on Hole 2 of the 10.  Three of us beat down the blackberries for maybe 20 minutes and then discovered the fence had kept the disc inbounds!  All is well.

Note the photos below.  Jerry is showing off his ACE on hole #11 on the 18 and the other shows a proper social distancing being practiced to keep us all safe and ready to do it again.

ACE for Jerry Garcia!

Winners of the CTPs were spread about, Cajun got hole 4, BA got hole 7, The Count got hole 10, and Shaun Dog got hole 15, while Jerry took the ACE pot.  Eye owes all of us!

Lost Disc:

There was only one disc left on the course.  Shaun Dog left a fine pink ROC that is now residing in the trunk of the Uboat.

Disc With Wings (4th? iteration)

(The date was not documented)

Eye, BA, Cajun, Bling, Jerry, and Count Enrico were on the course for a singles round on the 18 hole course.  To shake things up, we tried a round of best disc on the 18 using the GH best and worst  pairing up.

Cajun = -11
BA = -9
Eye = -8
Bling = -8
Jerry =-10
The Count = -3 ( a very sad day)

EATING too much 
(a First World Problem)

The lunch was perhaps the best we have experienced with this format.

BA hosted by bringing brats and smoked chicken wings that were seriously good.

Cajun put together some crab wonton things that were totally heavenly.

Jerry had a huge bowl of fresh guacamole with chips and we all used it to slather on our buns with the brats.

Eye brought in some fresh fruit plate with great stuff on it.

Bling brought a bunch of deli chicken which we had to treat to Sparky with the skin!

The Count baked tollhouse cookies for desert!

It was difficult to get moving again.....

Cribbage Tournament

During lunch there was a cribbage game where BA tried to show his skills but got muggins called on him after a Nibs flip, while his attention was elsewhere a card was played and the points were taken by The Count.  BA went on to take third out of 3 players.  It is good to see him be positive about his game.

Bling took the game, leaving the Count one hole from the finish and enough to count out but protocol did not allow that.  BA was about 12 points off the pace.  A close game all around.

Disc course Record:

Cajun and The Count teamed up (previous holder of the record at -16) and managed a -10.

Eye and Jerry scored a -11.

Bling and BA pulled a -17!  The new course record for best disc

Eye scored an ACE on hole 15, getting the ACE pot and the CTP.  Cajun took the other 3 CTPs and may need a 1099 for all the income.

October 8, 2020, A Thursday:

The Wings and Brats were brought out again and we played the standard GHEDI format of play.  18 hole individual round followed by the best disc 10 hole course round.


As folks arrived for the event there was a heavy mist in the air so we set up camp inside the carport but when it came to time to cook and eat the mist had lifted and dried up.  The sun threatened to come through almost.  The camp was moved back to the patio where the propane outdoor heater was ignited and was appreciated.


BA bringing the smoked wings with some spice!
Jerry Garcia bringing the brats and buns
Bling bringing the Pub Snack
Count Ferrari with the blue berry scones and hot bean dip
Cajun with the BBQ skills!


Cajun:  Setting a new course record of -17!!!! Breaking his own previous course record that he set 2 years ago of -16.  (predicted -10)

BA;  -14 (predicted -10)

Jerry Garcia:  -9 (predicted -9)

Count Enrico :  -5 (predicted -9)

Bling:  -4 (predicted -4)

Scores on the 10 best disc course:  Based on memory and subject to change...

Count -4
BA -5
Caj -5
Bling -6
Jerry G -7

Cribbage tournament:

Bling took the three way challenge and BA finally got a respectable finish.  The Count had the last crib and could not count out, as he would have.  BA got a count and moved by to 8 points out, then Bling counted and went out leaving the Count out by 12!

PHOTO FUN from 10-8-2020

Friday, June 12, 2020

Isolation driven disc golf scores 2020,

-9,-5,-5,-5,-3,-1,-9  All played in April

This is my total data for the past week. 

-7 on May 1

-10 , May 2. -4 by the turn on 9. Ace on 10!  Backboard shot on a CTP hole. One bogey for the round. 

-8, May 3,  -3 at the turn, a Hellen Keller bird on 15 from the wrong side of the trailer,
One bogey, on 5.

-6, May 4, -3 at the turn, two bogeys 4, and 12.   

-9, May 5, -3 at turn, bogey on 6, miracle bird on 14,50’. 

-5, May 6, -3 at the turn, one bogey, wind and putting were issues. 

-6, May 7,-3 at the turn, no bogeys, lots of very close almost birds. 

-11, May 8, -6 at the turn, no bogeys,  nice warm weather 

-10, May 9, -5 at the turn, no bogeys but missed 3 putts inside 11’. Hot weather 

-4, May 10, par at turn, two bogeys (3, 14), missed 3 embarrassing putts. Hot weather, shorts and tee. 

-5, May 11, -1 at the turn, bogey on 18!, missed 6@ 12’ or less putts. A bit disgusting. Nice warm weather. 

-8, May 12, -3 at the turn, no bogeys, warm with a bit of wind. 

-5 , May 13, -4 at the turn,2 bogeys, 14 putting for a bird, getting a rim job, roller, then a bogey. Also bogied 17! Over cast. Tee shirt and light pants. 

-5, May 14, -2 at the turn,2 bogeys 8 & 16, overcast but tee shirt and light pants. 

-11, May 15, -4 at the turn, bogey on 3, gorgeous day. 

-6, May 16, -5 at the turn, double bogey on 14. Started two birds on first two holes. Light mist and overcast. 

-7, May 17, -2 at the turn, bogey on hole 6, missed some easy birds. Overcast 

-9, May 18, -5 at the turn, bogey on hole 4?!!!  Gorgeous day. 

-8, -4 at the turn, May 19, no bogeys. Overcast afternoon round. 

-12, -7 at the turn, May 20, 4 birds in the first 4 holes!  No bogeys Overcast with wet grass. Missed a couple birds while hitting chain. 

-10, -5 at the turn, May 21, no bogeys, overcast with light rain, 

Played par at Atown with Don. May 22

-7, -4 at the turn, May 23, overcast. 

-15, new personal record!, -8 at the turn, May 24, pars on 5,14,18. I probably had 3 CTPs too!

-8, May 25, -4 at the turn, bogey on 3,5,14, light rain and soaked feet. Took an Alpenglow start. 

-11, May 26, -5 at the turn. 

-9, May 27, -3 at the turn, no bogeys, first day for shorts and tee shirt. 

-9, May 28, -5 at the turn, no bogeys, missed 3 easy birds, shorts and tee shirt. 

-15, May 29, -7 at the turn, pars on 5,8,&9. Shorts and tee shirt. 

-5, May 30, -2 at the turn, bogeys on 6,8,12!  Rain day. 

-12. May 31, -7 at the turn, par on 1,5,12,13,14,18. Coat and wet feet. 

Par, June 1, par at the turn, 4 bogeys:3,5,11,14..great weather. Vest and tee. Worst score on record so far. 

-10, June 2, -6 at the turn, no bogeys. Overcast Vest and tee. 

-9, June 3, -4 at the turn, 1 bogey hole 3. Broken clouds, tee shirt weather. 

+9, best disc with Bling at Edgewater. 2 games of crib won by the Count. One was a CFB. One with a 24 and then a 14 to finish. Lost 2 games o DTR. 

-8, June 5, -4 at the turn, no bogeys, 3-4 missed easy putts. Overcast. Two shirts and dropped one off after 12. 

-12, -6 at the turn, June 6, 1 bogey on 3.  Overcast, two shirts.  Missed 2 10’ putts. 

-8, June 7, -4 at the turn, Bogey on 3

-14, June 8, -5 at the turn, no bogeys. Birds on the back nine for all!

-11, June 9, -4 at the turn, no bogeys, Barn coat and boots, light rain. 

-11, June 10, bogey on 5.  Tee shirt and boots. -5 at the turn. 

-11, June 11, no bogeys, tee shirt and boots. Missed two easy putts. -4 at the turn. 

-12, June 12, no bogeys, Barn coat and boots. Good putts! -6 at the turn. 

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Griffin Hill Disc Course Spring of 2020

This site can show all how desperate I am for something to do during this pandemic Virus panic.

I have created a course map for the 18 hole pitch and putt course.

A bit of practice never hurts, so I have played this each day from April 24 to June 24 as I type this.

I took off one day and went to play in Anacortes instead.

Griffin Hill 18 Course Description:
Course Record held by Cajun, -16
Hole 1:  Rank  4, 143’
Clear the fences to make it easier.

Hole 10:  Rank 1, 127’
CTP, Going left is bad.
Unofficial ACE by Count Ferrari during practice.

Hole 2: Rank 3, 107’
 Stop sign for asterisk bonus (CAREFUL)
Go too deep and trouble with trees.

Hole 11:  Rank 11, 164’
Take care not to throw into the pond. 
Tonal target, listen carefully.

Hole 3:  Rank  17, 165’
ACE:  Cajun
Has the ‘Ron’ Gate but you won’t need it if you don’t
go right.  A tonal so listen carefully.

Hole 12:  Rank 16, 151’
ACE:  Count Ferrari
Get elevation UP as possible,.

Hole 4:  Rank 5, 124’
CTP hole. 

Hole 13:  Rank 15, 160’
Do NOT go right behind the pump house.

Hole 5:  Rank 18, 199’
Uphill elevation gain, elevated target too.

Hole:  14:  Rank 17, 160’
Stay inside the fence. 

Hole 6:  Rank 6, 160’
Shoot straight at the ‘White Trash’ Cadillac hubcap.
Have to hit the hubcap or silverware hanging under for a tonal.

Hole 15:  Rank 6, 124’
ACE:  Scorekeeper (first of three in a row)
CTP, tonal, listen carefully

Hole 7:  Rank 8, 129’
CTP hole
ACE.:  Navlos first throw of tournament , 
Tonal so listen carefully.

Hole 16:  Rank 7, 122’
Asterisk ACE by many including Scorekeeper (3 in a row)
Actual ACE by Jerry Garcia
Asterisk bonus, CAREFUL

Hole 8:  Rank 10, 106’
ACE:  Muhammar Khadaffi
ACE:  Eye Rolling
Try to land between the fences on drive,
Go beyond hanging tree is to go too far.

Hole 17:  Rank 2, 94’
ACE:  Scorekeeper (3 in a row!)

Hole 9:  Rank 7, 110’

Hole 18:  Rank 9, 110’
Largest TEE PAD in the world,
Can you hit the broadside of a barn?
Get over 3 fences.
ACE:  Waffle Dough, BA, Ron


Griffin Hill 10 Course Description:

Course Record

Hole 1:  Rank 6, 254’

Driveway by the large Griffin to tonal in pasture 2 by the manure pile.


Hole 6:  Rank 10, 261’

Tee in dark forest to basket by the TV antenna uphill!  Hardest hole on the course.


Hole 2: Rank 4, 205’

 Tee in pasture 2 to basket near pump house and flag pole


Hole 7:  Rank 7, 201’

Tee in Orchard opposite Tee 3, shooting down to tonal by manure pile.

Hole3:  Rank  9, 280’

Tee in Orchard to tonal in dark forest by the 6 tee.

Longest hole on the course


Hole 8:  Rank 8, 215’

Prettiest Tee on the place, by pond and shooting up to the basket on the stump.

Hole 4:  Rank 5, 221’

Tee in Pasture 4 to basket with stop sign.  Asterisk in play.


Hole 9:  Rank 1, 143’

Short hole, tee from driveway or on top of rock to hula hoop in the corner of arena.  Same hole as #1 on the 18

Hole 5:  Rank 3, 237’

Take the walk on Jerry Garcia Way to Tee by B in riding arena, target in the bottom corner  of pasture 5.

ACE: Count Enrico Ferrari


Hole:  10:  Rank 2, 110’

Shoot from the largest tee pad in the world (the entire riding arena) to the sign hanging on the woodshed.  After hitting the sign take your best lie and prove it by hitting the 25 MPH sign.  One chance.


NOTE:  All distances posted in the notes are measured and are within 3' of accuracy.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Political Idea, limit the campaigns to 6 weeks

Observation on May 18, 2020:

Is there anyone who reads this who also thinks the Corona Virus Pandemic has done wonders for the removal of all political ads from the airwaves?

Canada manages to elect their politicians in a limited 6 week campaign.  This would certainly take some of the money out of the system and allow for the public to actually focus for a short while.  As it is the droning on, the negative rhetoric, the constant search for scandal (not that this seems to be an issue for Republicans) would be limited to the 6 weeks.

Please TRY and leave a comment on this. 

This is my first ever blog on any politics.  I mostly ignore the system.  I don't want to serve and really don't want to elect anyone who does but....  Maybe reform is needed.  We certainly do not have a functioning government at the moment.

I know there are those who are working in government who actually do good.  One never hears about that, just the sleaze.  Unlimited campaign time has generated some strange things like the PACs with seemingly unlimited money and resources.  Perhaps the limit on the election season would lead to term limits too.  Another good idea but has not gotten much traction. 

I know I am ready for change!

Count Enrico Alfredo Ferrari

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Impressions of a trip to Zihuantenjo 2019

Previous visit Articles:

Click here for a look at dining costs in Zihuantenjo for 2017.

Click here for the 2016 blog.

click here for 2014 and 2011

click here for  2014, 2012 and 2011

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Impressions of a Trip:

The trip to Mexico's Zihuantenjo is one we look forward to each year in mid December.   This is what I wrote to try and capture the flavor of our annual sojourn to Zihuantenjo.

The flight departure time this year was at 06:00 so that meant getting up;at 02:00  and taking a dark drive to the airport.  All went well until LAX.

First World Problem:
We were in line to board and were told to go out to another line to get our passports checked again??

Ok, we did that but the line was on hold for some couple that had issues with theirs (they did make the flight but were last off the plane in Mexico).  The repercussion for us was a bit unexpected, the delay in boarding meant  there was NO room for us in the overhead luggage for our roller carry on bags.  We were in row 6, just aft of the First Class seats so in a good position to exit the plane and get an early place in the Customs line.  I had to put the bags in the overhead in row 15, no bueno!

To mitigate this I took action and illegally exited my seat before the plane had removed the seatbelt sign and before the aisle filled.  Otherwise there would be a LONG wait to move back to retrieve the luggage.   All worked well and we were through Customs and even got the 'Green' light at the last inspection point when Lori pushed the button.

More transportion fun:
We shared a taxi to town for the first time and that worked pretty well with our cost being $350 pesos or about $17 US (19.5 pesos = 1 US dollar).  Our driver had very little English but our BnB host came out to greet us and was able to translate all and our it was good for everyone.

More Fist World Problems:

On getting connected to the BnB wi-fi I found 5 texts from our Visa  folks.  Apparently there were some fraudulent charges  totalling over $4500 so our card had to be canelled.  Fortunately, Lori was able to talk with everyone and get all our cards checked so we are good to go but just not with the Alaska Airline card which are now cut up and being replaced.

Nap Time:
A  quick shower (no hot water yet, maybe soon?) and lie down for a bit at 03:30 local time  and then the queit ambiance disappeared as the Guadaloupe (sp?)  celebrations included LOUD fireworks that shook the entire bay with some going off within a block our our room.  BOOM = NO Nap!

Dining Decision Day 1:

We decided to eat at our local restaurant, now called the Cantinita whcih is where we spend our days on the beach.  They provide drinks, tables, umbrellas and food for the dayon the white sand beach  and we pay them.. (Generally around $350 pesos a day depending on how much food and drink)  Win Win.  Dinner there is good too and no hassle as it is just a 2 minute walk from our room.

There was a two man band playing Juanto Zihua, and they were very fine to listen to and we even danced a cha cha to La Bamba in the sand in the middle of the restaurant.. Fun showing off our dance skills.  We were very pleased as this addition and apparently there is music every night there.  This band plays Tuesdays and Sundays.

Dinner was $530 plus tip. Split a Ceasar salad with yummy chicken, two bowls of tortilla soup and two glasses of a good Sauvignon Blanc.  White sand for a floor, lit up palm trees with sparkling lights, Full moon, the ocean about 40' away with waves coming and going. WOW, does it get better than that? Excellent food and atmosphere!  This was the happening spot too.  More diners there than we had seen in the past 10 years this early in the season (Dec. 10).

Lightweight Tourists:
We were back in the room by 20:30 and sleeping inside of an hour.  I was up at 05:00 and went off for a 2 mile or so walk in the dark with the full moon.  A bit spooky but pleasant.

Got to a view point up on the hill where I could see the bay and hills and the full moon setting!  WOW  The lower the moon went the more orange it appeared.  NO clouds!

Showered and coffeeed  now have caught up on my first day's imp;ressions in this blog.

Plan for Day 2:

We have enough pesos to spend the day on the beach and then go to town for our first encounter with Jimi Mamou, our favorite Blues muscisian in the world.  He is a legend, being 82 this year and had played with Muddy Waters, friend of  Otis Redding, on the same stage as Jimi Hendricks , etc...

Jimi Mamou plays at Daniel's Restaurant down town Z-town on Wednesday and Friday nights from 7-9 pm.  It is our intention to go there and listen and dance while we are here.

We will access more pesos at the bank in town and I will watch Lori shop.

Impressions on Day 2:

I started our day early as noted above still trying get back into a sleep rhythmn.  After breakfast we made our way to the beach at 11:00 and walked the length of that magnificient  sandy edge of the bay.  Walking in the waves o 1-2" of 80 degree water is so relaxing and maybe the sand abrades the callous off the bottom of the foot?

We settled in at our table at Cantinita (formerly called Elvira's) with drinks.  My favorite is mango juice blended with ice, while Lori has a Liminada on the rocks.

Minor lunch with corn chips, frijoles and pico de gaio.  YUMMM.  Bill for the day $185

A dip in the ocean and then a bit of walking looking at the construcion of the Sodoventi (sp?) which has been going on now for at least 2 years.  Maybe 3-4  more to finish it?

Back to the room at 14:00 for showers and a nap.  Cocktails (G&Ts) and chips at 16:00 and then off to town at 17:30 for cash, groceries, and dinner / dancing at Daniels with Jimi Mamou.  Chicken fajita split for two and we couldn't even eat that portion.  Bill was $230.

 Home at 22:30.  The basketball square and street leading to it were decorated with ziillions of while lights. VERY Pretty.

Very fun sitting listening to Jimi and watching the crowd walk by and start dancing to his music.  Lori and I got in one WC swing.  Her shoes were giving her blisters!  Ouch.

Predictions for Day 3:  (made in the morning of)

Beach with swimming this time.

This early in the High Season there is very litle crowding on the beach!

Maybe dining at the Italian a short walk away (Gianni's Tratoria) or at Patty's for a salad.

Maybe rent SUP and try that paddling.  IF there is wind and it doesn't look like it, rent a Hobie for an hour $500/hour.

Impressions of Day 3 afrer the fact:

Slept in again but did make it to the beach around noon.
La Gaviota:
Our first stop was La Gaviota which required a walk to the south end of La Ropa.  It is a newly remodeled breakfast/Lunch spot that sits up on a rock with a fine view of the entire bay.  The palapa style roof keeps all the sun out and the wind from the bay can come in and cool.  The tile floors are clean and cool.
 The menu was narmal but this place had sopes so we split an order with limondas.  Yumm and planty to eat for lunch.  $220

This might be our new favorite spot.  Our waitress's name is Grace (Gracia) and she loves to practice her English and is helping with my Spanish.

From here we walked down the beach to La Cantinita and had drinks and read.  No swimming, jsut walking in the waves on the beach.  Back to the room around 15:00 for a shower and a nap.

UP for cocktails (white wine from our fridge) and popcorn (microwave) at 16:30.

Out to dinner, new place:
Dinner planswas an experiment on the closest place we could walk to.  Restarant Mary that used to be in a kind of a run down alley that went to the beach for public access.  The Mexican government ;put in new vendor booths, pacved the alley in stamped concrete and Mary's got a huge facelift..

Not really the ambiance of La Cantinita or La Gaviota as there was no view out.  We were the only customers at 17:00 but in for a penny, in for dinner!  It was very clean and the prices were low.

We ordered  and split one mahi mahi, fried with a salad fixing and frijoles so I built 3 fish tacos and Lori ate her fill and we still left some on the plate.  It was very good!  Total for that meal. $200

Homeward Bound:
Home in 3 minutes of walking and watched Robin Hood with Russell Crowe off our computer hardrive library.
All in all a very lazy day that was fabulous..

Plan for day 4:

Lori wants to go to town for a bit of tourst shopping so off to the bus stop around 11:00.

We are going back to town later to listen to Jimi again at Daniels.

Impressions for Day 4:

To town by bus (little combi busses) at 11ish and then a walk through the main market looking for a new fruit called guanavana which is a green lumpy fruit that has large white seeds you eat.  Not in season apparently.  Liked walking through all the little cafe bars in the market.  Good looking food but we were just not hungry yet.

Next was a walk to the tourist market and to see if there were any clay Xocholoesqintle (Aztec for dog I guess)dogs that Lori has a collection of.  There were a couple of possible ones for sale.

We had an iced coffee and liminada by the fishing boats watching the flow of the waterfront and talking with a new visitor, Scott who was on his own down here.  He had an Air BnB for $23 a night down town, 2 bedroom, AC etc... nice.  He was moving in two days to near us at Villa Mexicana hotel..

Next was a light lunch of sopa de tortilla and quesidilla with pico de gaio.  $170

Home on the bus and nap time, cocktail hour with wine and popcorn.

Back into a taxi (there is a taxi stand 100m from our room so it is very easy.  The price went up on the trip to town.  It is now $55 up from $50 last year.

A bit of wandering found us taking ;photos of the new lights hung for the Xmas season.  VERY fun, it is a mini Las Vegas on the walking street and the basketball court square.

Then it was time for dinner and music at Daniels again.  We split a Princess Salad and order of garlic bread.  $270 with the iced teas.  Jimi was on form and rocking and rolling.  The sidewalk had all sorts of interesting sights walking by between us and Jimi. The tables are all out on the malecon under the almond trees and then the sand and water of the bay.


There is a constant flow of strolling locals and ex-pats who start dancing and moving with the music as they go by.  There was even a small of around 4 years old, holding a toy guitar on a balcony right over Jimi and this little kid was dancing up a storm.  It was very fun.

Lori and I got in two dances of West Coast swing.  She had better dacing shoes tonight.

Predictions for Day 5 (Saturday)

We have arranged to be dropped off in Ixtapa this morning as we intend to rent bikes and ride the nature trail of 12 km each way.  That is a fun thing and the trail is paved about 12' wide so is very nice with only a few hills.

Maybe go to Rossi's for music with Steve and Friends on La Ropa tonight for dinner.

Impressions for Day 5:

It appears the predictions came true but need to be filled in with some detail

Bike Ride:

The bikes were great and the shop is right on the trail about one mile towards the marina from our landlord's store.  The distance we rode was only 8 km each way but the trail is smooth and well cared for, mostly level but with some hills up and down.  The trail departs from next to the road at the 3 km sign and then winds through the jungle to Playa Linda where there are many restaurants and a very long beach of white sand.  Bus loads of locals show up here and we had a good lunch of fruit, chips and pico de gaio with beer and liminada.

Our comfy seats on our bikes were perfect and after we rode a bit we could shift up and down.  Nice Trek brand bicycles and for the trip the cost was $500 all in.  We did see maybe 20 other bikes and a few hikers on the path.  The only wildlife was a 3' iguana but he made a lot o noise in the bush as we were taking a water break at a deck look out over a pond.

We were tired on our return but good.  The bike shop guy pointed out the bus stop and we were on a bus to Zihua inside of 4 minutes for a cost of $28 for boh of us.

Tragedy Strikes Tourists:
We left our bag on the bus!  Lost a couple of Kindles, compass and water bottles.  No question we were disoriented on getting off the little bus in a strange part of town and just left it tucked down where it had ridden.  We didn't notice it gone until we had a bottle of gin purchased and were going to put it in the bag.

Now we have to rely on our BnB library of paperbacks which is actually quite large.

Tragedy number 2 (Not as bad)
We found a optomoligist shop and took my reading glasses in to be tightened and fournd the bridge was broken.  They were sent out and supposed to be back in 30 minutes....NADA.  The following day is Sunday and they are closed so on Monday I have a mission.  This is the seond pair of glasses I brought with me and the first just disappeared out of my now lost bag a few days ago.

The day finishes:
tgWe took a shower and a nap, Cocktails and popcorn, then off to Rossi's for dinner.  Steve and Friends are playing.  We arrived arou 6:45 and they stopped playing an hour later or less.  Good song selections though.  We walked in to Crimson and Clover (not quite Tommy James but OK)  Next was I feel good by James Brown and a few other oldes done by one American (Steve, our age and just making it by physically) and his backup band of local muscians.  The lead guitar was real good as was the drummer who mostly caught his drum sticks.  An acoutic guitar, keyboard, and a banjo acompanied Steve who played ryhthm.


We split a mixed salad and a plate of prawns with garlic.  Again too much for both of us.  With the water drinks it was $310, no cover.

Home to cards and then some TV off the computer.  I managed two wins in Skip Bo against the Countess.

Prediction for Day 6: (Sunday)

Search for a massage, go to the Seahawk game at La Pearla or Banditos downtown at noon.

Dinner at La Cantinta because Juanito Zihua is playing.

Impressions and memory of what occured Sunday.

The Seathawk game was big fun with a win over the Panthers.  Lots of big pass plays.  Russell Wilson is ON FIRE.  There were 6 Seahawk fans and 2-3 Panther fas (who really didn't expect a win.

Fresh squeezed OJ, water, beer, club sandwich with fries = $240  All good.

Divine Intervention and a HERO shows UP!:

There was a BIG surprise waiting on the patio for us.  Our little back pack (last seen on the mini bus) was sitting on our couch.  Our host, Joel had been informed of our lost bag and took it on.  One of his store employees did quite a bit of phone call work and located the bag by figuring out which bus it was.  Joel gave the bus driver $200 and I gave Joel $400 for his reward reimusement and $200 for his empoyee.  We cannot believe the bag came back in tact or at all!  Clean living?

Continuation of the day:

I had gotent home around 15:00 and took a nap, had cocktail hour with the girl and later we went to Cantinita for dinner to listen to JuanitoZihua band.  Very good all.

Dinner was Ceasar salad, Blackened tuna, 2 glasses of Sauvignon Blanco and ice cream.  = $640!

It was very good.

Monday, Day 7

We went downtown to look at Aztec dogs, then walked new streets to the Optomitist where we had left the reading glasses for repair.  They wanted $700 as the frames were just broken.  We left them there as a pair of Costco reading glasses does NOT cost $35 US.

Grocery harvest included a box of microwave popcorn and some limes.  We walked about a bit and ended up at lunch on the water at the Acadia with Ceasar again.  Lori bought another Impeach 45 from Felix the wristband maker for $100.

Lunch was chips, frijoles, pico de gaio, tacos pollo, beer, and liminada.  = $170

We got home and went to La Gaviota but it was closed.  Then to La Perla for a drink and read in the shade of the trees and umbrellas.  Walking back we found my favorite massage girl, Jadita, or she found us!  Scheduled a massage for 11:00 the next day.  Price is now $250.

Then discoverd that my flip flops were not with us..... Memory issue?  We found them way down the beach were we had sat in La Gaviota. Since there was no one there the flip flops were there.

Home for G&Ts and popcorn and more reading for cocktail hour.

Dinner was a combination of Pollo Feliz BBQ chcken and salad, wine, garlic bread, and flan at Casa Elvira's run by our friend Nahume.  It was good.  $240 for Casa Elvira and $82 for Pollo Feliz.

Home to Casa Iguana by taxi.

Impressions of Tuesday (Day 8):

Slept in until 09:00 and made it to my massage at 11:30 on the beach.  The price went up to $250 but was still as good from Jadita.  A very strong girl!  I staggered out of the tent and joined Lori at the Cnatinita for drink of water, some quesdillas, and liminada.  ($230) and we went swimming, I made to the swim area ropes and floats and back with only one knee spasm.  We read a while and then retired to the room for a shower and nap.  All very leisurely.

We had our popcorn and some wine while reading some more.  Cranked up Ancient Britain on the WD Live harddrive.and then watched the Seattle news feeds.  Why we get ABC, NBC, andCBS from Seattle is a mystery but there it is and the weather just looked appalling with over 2" of rani expected each day for days!. It stops raining the day we get home.


We knew where to go and get great alfredo sauce and pasta!  So we went and had a Greek salad, Fetticini and wine ($10).  We found out the secret of the white sauce was the chef uses whipped cream instead of heavy cream.  YUMMM.  We were too full to do juch so just walked about with Lori trying to instill an IMPEACH TRUMP rally.  We tried to split a small ice cream bu it was too much to finish.

 Taxi home to cards where we split a win apeice.  Truly a fine day all around!

Prediction of activity for Wednesday:(Day 9)

(Written on the monring of)

Dinner at Daniels to listen to Jimi Mamou.  Otherwise nada!  Pretty unstructured.  Maybe a lunch at La Gaviota as we heard the cooking there is special!

Impressions of Wednesday (two days later)

We went to La Gaviota to hang out and read in their very nice restaurant and see what different options they had for lunch.  The peanut dipping sauce was not available this time.  That was good. We ended up ordering Tacos La Gaviota.  Basically these are shrimp wrapped in cheese and coconut, served with avacado in tortillas.  Talk about rich.  The order of three tacos was too much for both of us to eat.  Gustava (o?) was our waiter, a short guy with a big grin and only a bit o English.  Cost with drinks ($250?)

We wandered back down the beach and took a swim in front of the Cantita and then back to the room for a shower and nap.

Discovery of simple remedy:

When ever we would leave the beach the sand on our feet is there and plenty evident.  We just used a bottle of water to rinse them and it worked a treat.  Making thes short walk home much more comfy.

Afternoon and Evening:

Cocktails and popcorn with a look at the news from home.  Why we get our local TV stations way the heck down here on Mexico cable is a question mark but seeing the news and weather is a bonus.

We went off to Centro in a taxi and found our seats at Daniels to watch Jimi Mamou again.  This time there sound competition as the basket ball court was full of a HUGE production that included many young girls in tuxido tails, top hat and bathing suits doing some dance routine to NY/NY song.  I had never seen this many people around the court.  VERY crowded but my height allowed me to see pretty well.  LOTs of scenic !

Thursday (Day 10)

Onto the beach around 11:30 ? and got a table at La Cantinita with our new favorite waiter there Tony D,  He is great.  Very good English.

We went off for a walk and I found Jadita available for a massage so took advantage of it.  One hour later I am back at the table having to put on the SPF she had replaced with massage oils.  I would burn if that didn't happen.

New type of disc discovered:
There was a father son team from Issaquah throwing a strange floppy disc the size of disc golf discs but totally flat on the bottom.  Berlin something on the graphics.  Very floppy and flew nice and straight. Good at 30 yards.

We were futzing around with the menu and Lori asked about their Mediterrain (sp?) salad and then added in many other veggies and Tony saw to it we had a FABULOUS salad.  This bears repeating! We were not stuffed but pleasantly sated.  A new way to go for lunch.

A bit of a swim again for both of us and then back to the room around 3:30 for cocktails, popcorn, and a nap that didn't occur as Lori needed computer instruction on how to get photos from her phone to the computer.


We took a taxi in around 19:00 to the Cafe Marina and ordered a very good pesto sauce pizza, with two waters the bill was $210 (our least expensive meal for dinner here this trip).

Returning the room after ice cream and watching a bit of basket ball we played some cards, Skip Bo and Lori trounced me 2 games in a row.  Retiring to bed we watched a Mrs. Bradley Mystery off the harddrives.

On waking around 07:15 Lori said she thought she felt an earthquake in the night.  Research on the web showed a 3.2 and 3.9 within 16 km of us last night.  Not unusual apparently..

Friday the 11th day:

Disc on the beach:
A similar lazy start to the day.  Getting to the beach around noon and then taking a walk down the beach.,  I found my friend John from Kelowna BC.  He brings a nice 175g Frisbee and we shot it for 30 minutes until his knee started talking to him.  It was fun while it lasted.  I was able to loose off a few shots in the 40 yard range that made me feel good about my skills.  He has a good flick throw but only at 30 yards or less.

Back to the La Cantinita for the Mediterrean Salad a La Tony.  YUMMMM.  A swim and back to the room for a shower, nap, and then cocktails before leaving at 19:00 for dinner at Daniels with Jimi Mamou playing again.  We ordered a Red Snapper with garlic, rice, veggies and water.  $210  We split it and couldn't finish it but it was very tasty.

We went to the gelato place for a small one, walked about a bit around 22:00 and then caught a taxi home.  Watched a bit of the Vicar of Dibley and then some Miss Marple.  Hitting the pillow around midnight.

Saturday the 12th day:

UP at the crack of 09:30.  Off to town for souvenirs at 11:00.

Archelogic shop by the DHL shipping had a fine ceramic horse and a ceramic dog both for $550. Wrapped for shipping!

We wandered the town and Lori shopped for little bowls and spent another $140 on 5 little bowls.  I went over to Casa Elvira and had a large OJ and a plate of fruit ($110).

She found me and we wandered toward the bus stop (saves $50 pesos each way over a taxi) but we stopped at the Arcadia for a bite for her at 14:00.  Quessidillas, frijoles, beer and liminda for $110

We like this place for lunch.  Watched the cruising boats, now up to 6. One of the latest was a Catalina 42.  She looked smallish next to the others but the largest was maybe 60.  Now there a 6 cruisers in the bay.  Started with two got to one and now 6 which is pretty normal.

Surprise food:

At 15:00 our host, Joel brought us hot apple pie and vanilla ice cream!  It was GREAT.  We must be living the good life.

After that input of calories we had showers, nap, cocktails and are going to look for NW news on the KING channel we mysteriously get  on the room TV.  The KOMO channel had a bowl game that was a bit of a route.