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Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 Spring GHEDI (Griffin Hill Equinox Disc Invitational)

The Short Story!
Thanks to all who came, 23 participants!  It was a huge success!

Count Enrico Alfredo Ferrari 

What is a GHEDI?

This is a disc golf (see for this definition) tournament, loosely based on a ball golf format that is played on the weekend near the Equinox at Count Ferrari's little horse farm in Arlington, WA.
The farm is called Griffin Hill.  

Thusly:  Griffin Hill Equinox Disc Invitational = GHEDI (much easier to say).  The original tourney was played in the spring of '08.  There has been at least one, sometimes two each year.  The fall tourney has often been displaced by the Nocturnament which is played at night in costume for Halloween.  It is called the GHIDN.  See Link to GHIDN blog or to a past GHEDI GHEDI link.  There are no blogs for pre-2010 disc adventures as the blog was started in 2010.


To provide access to worthy disc players to a private course that is full of fun and odd targets.

Where?  Use the left red arrow for Griffin Hill.

Warning to disc golfers.  4 stroke penalty.  No penalty in 5
years of play!
Here is a shot from the air showing the 5 acre farm.


The date was set and invites went out.  The weather leading UP to the 18th of 2012 sucked big as it rained and snowed a bunch.  At 7:15 AM on the 18th, the snow started and by 10:00 AM and start of play we were fooling around in 3+" of snow!  23 of the 33 preregistered players made the trip. 

 We lost a bunch of hot arms and a hot Lunch Lady Long Putt Liz when the ferry from Friday Harbor refused entry to the 6 that were coming down, I can't think why else they would have missed it.  The Count will just have to take the Washington Ferry Service to task and have them raise their standards to make room for worthy disc players.
'Shaundog' Lewis from LS showing fine form in the snow.

'Legs' Papajani modeling her weapons!

Anacortes was the largest contingent, drawing in others from Bellingham and Bow.  Lake Stevens discers showed up in numbers too as did Brain Damage Island and even one from the ghettos near Mount Rainier. Parking was easy as this is a very 'green' group in all ways.  5-6 passengers per rig was very common and commendable.  No parking tickets were issued.

The usual self portrait of Count Ferrari.  Note the snow.

The host, Count Enrico Alfredo Ferrari, a self proclaimed Leisure Expert, see blog articles, was supported by his lovely wife and all the attendees.  It could not have gone better.

How the thing was set UP.

The initial round on the 18 was played with individual scores harvested by the Scorekeeper and his minions.  Paired up were the highest and lowest of that round and the paired groups went out to play a best disc format on the Championship 10 Hole course.
Scorekeeper Devil Mon supervising Astroman on laying
out the cards for random draw for the first round.

Lunch was a Potluck with BA and the Lake Stevens boys bringing a fantastic pulled pork cauldron.  There was Potato Jalapena  and Posole Soups along with so much munchie goodies that were all superb!  We had lunch prior to the 2nd round and of course munchies and libations as we all passed by the clubhouse on multiple occasions.

This group is especially easy to clean UP after.  I found one cigarette butt on the floor next to the garbage can (I will assume it was enroute and just didn't make it.)  So far only one wool glove with no fingers was found on the course, but it is just too muddy out there to look around.  We did have the worst mud of the Griffin Hill course EVER.

The Official GHEDI Video:
By Joyful Productions NW

Click Here for some real Country FUN

Special thanks need to go to:

Joy 'Stranger', the Assistant to the Assistant Scorekeeper
and Art Consultant.
Stranger's Art

'Moamar' in the center with black hat and hair enjoying
the cool of the area as he recovers from his ordeal in
Libya.  He functioned as the ASSistant to the Scorekeeper.

'Devil Mon' Dore on the right surveys the crowd.  He IS the
Scorekeeper.  Bribes accepted but not documented.

The Fire Crew:

Acehole took on the initial ignition of the burn due to his nature of liking the burn.  He put out an amazing effort but struggled to keep the fire alive using paper, cardboard boxes and diesel.  He kept running out of our group to go back and feed the fire with the leaf blower and that may have contributed to his score as he just missed getting the 'Take UP Another Sport' award.  
Sunshine on the left and Q on the right.

Trigger taped leaf blower and both tenders sucking smoke!
Nearly awarded the UP in Smoke award which went to

After the first round 'Q' and 'Sunshine' took UP the task and were able to get the fire to the point where the Count could tractor roll the limbs on top of a nice heart of coal, a use of firewood to get a core heat going.  The pile was consumed by 3/4ths by the end of the day.  No mean feat.

The Course:

A look at target 4 and tee 5
Target 8 on the left and 'Old School' on Tee 8

Random Photos:

Hopefully more to follow as they come in.

Eye, Jalapeno, Jerry Garcia, and Polisher on #4 tee

Stranger, Porter the Wonder Dog, Shaundog (not related)
and Lucky with a grin knowing he is CTP.

The Rear Admiral, our tokin' Albainian.
A note about the flowers:
The few flowers that had shown were a few brave primroses and a very few crocus.  There were buds on the salmonberry but very little evidence of more spring than that.  It has been a VERY wet and cold March. We are hoping for some sun to dry things out.

The Score Board:
Gather whatever data you can.  Open source!


Straight Shooter Award
For the Disc Shooter who hits the most Aces or Birds.
A sawed off .22 cal rifle
History: Awarded to Tim ‘Ace Hole’ Settara for getting 10 birds on the 18. 
2010 spring awarded to Count Enrico Ferrari for getting an ACE* on hole two on the 18 from the backside.
Someone has it now the records are blurred…???
GHEDI Spring 2012:  A very fine slingshot awarded to
BA for a real ACE and an *Ace in the 18!

BA with his proudest moment, the 2nd Place Trophy.
Note: He didn't show off his Straight Shooter Award?  WTF? 


UP in Smoke Award
Awarded to the player who consumed the most breathing material during the tournament.Awarded by popular acclaim
2010 spring:  Acehole for exhaling just prior to throw on 2 for the 18.
2011 Spring GHEDI:  Hawkeye after many attempts to capture it finally emerges breathing properly.
GHEDI Spring 2012:  Awarded to Tim “Acehole” Settara
So messed UP he left his stash on the course!

The Skywalker Award

Could it be for most controlled flight around or through obstacles? The "Force" most felt? or the avoidance of a near calamity?
History:  New for spring of 2010
2010 Spring:  Astroman by acclaim

GHEDI Spring 2012:  Shaun “Shaundog” Lewis with a new HUGE inflated trophy as his was the only name nominated for the award. Hole 3

BA on left with the 2nd Place Trophy and Shaundog on right
with the Luke Skywalker award (He felt the force against all odds).



Awarded to Bling Ling and Devil Mon Dore for finishing 2nd Place.  There was a fight over who was taking it home!  It ended up at Alpenglow. 2010 Spring:
2010 Spring: Ling Cod and Astro, Ling craftily got it to go home with Astro.

GHIDN 2011:  Awarded to Kevin ‘Muamar’ Olney

GHEDI Spring 2012:  Awarded to BA and Pam but BA got it in his car first…What a gentleman.


Traveler Award

Awarded to the person who had to come the furthest to attend.
May they get good use from this chart and navigate more easily.
History:  New for spring of 2010
2010 Spring:  Astroman from ghettos near Mt. Rainier

GHEDI Spring 2012:  Awarded to the person that got UP the earliest to attend.  John “Jalapeno” Guckeen got up at 2PM the previous day, went to work and the got off and came discing!

John "Jalapeno" Guckeen taking his first ever award home from his first ever disc tournament!  He must be young!

Most Regular Award
For a finish in the middle of the pack.
A roll of Costco’s finest wipe.
History:  HiHAwarded to John ‘Rear Admiral’ Papajani who deserves this award for middle of the road play.
GHEDI September 20, 2009
Awarded to Astroman Carbon after a playoff with Goony. 
2010 Spring:  Candy Mon in the middle.  “It will last 6 sessions”.
GHIDN 2011:  Count Ferrari  “My favorite award”

GHEDI Spring 2012:  Mike ‘Spike Lee’ Lea

'Spike Lee' feeling good about his roll of Costco's finest TP.


Won by the stylizing Sara ‘Legs’ Papajani who was sporting a pair of colorful rubber boots beneath her short short pants.
2010 Spring:  Polisher for wearing shades the entire day with his camo pants and tee shirt.

GHIDN 2010:  Kevin “ Dracula” Olney

GHEDI Spring 2012:  Don “Jerry Garcia” Anderson.  See photo!

You have to love the look!  "Jerry Garcia" was also our oldest disc dude at a young 61 years.

GHEDI 9/20/2009
Awarded to the best course improver.
Dave ‘Lucky’ Hodgman for trimming cedar branches on Hole 6 with ladder, handsaws, and chainsaw!  Assisted by Pi Mencher.
2010 Spring:  Spike Lea
Spring GHEDI 2012:  Awarded to Hawkeye and Waffle Dough  for lots of limb picking!  Only Hawkeye came to the tourney.

'Hawkeye' Pearce with a big grin!  He loves winning a trophy almost as much as playing the game!
He was the COURSE MEDIATOR but I never heard if there were any issues.

Take Up Another Disc Sport
Awarded to the player who has the worst score drop from the previous GHEDI tournament.
Awarded September, 2009Count Enrico Alfredo Ferrari (-8 to a -4)
2010 Spring:  Rear Admiral takes home the prize with a 6 stroke drop!  BADmitten anyone?

GHEDI Spring 2012:  Awarded to Count Enrico Ferrari for a dismal 10 stroke addition… -10 to par! OUCH!

Created by Joy Sloan
For the player whose score improved the most from tourney to tourney
Awarded to Patrick ‘Polisher’ Gonzales for taking off 12 strokes!
2010 Spring:  Pi Mencher for taking off 2 strokes?

GHEDI Spring 2012:  Tied this time between Stranger and Sunshine Sloans who each shaved off 3 strokes!

'Stranger' and 'Sunshine' straight back from a boat delivery in Mexico.
Taking home all the loot!  Hot Chick and Hot Shit awards!

Created by Don ‘Jerry Garcia’ Anderson for the 2012 Spring GHEDI
To be awarded to the person getting the 2nd worst score on the 18 to keep them coming back.
GHEDI Spring 2012:  Awarded to Eric ‘Old School’ Draluck who scored a +3 to not come in last.  He is sworn to return.

Eric 'Old School' Draluck in his first ever disc tournament.  Taking the newest trophy home!


Hot Chick Award
Awarded to the lady with the best round on the 18.
From inception to Spring 2012 this has been owned by
Joyful ‘Stranger’Sloan
GHEDI Spring 2012:  Guess who… Joy ‘Stranger’ Sloan!
Come on girls, she is easy to take… She took it with a -1.

Forget Me NOT Award
Intialized for the 2011 GHIDN for our favorite course litterer.
1st Winner:  Doug “Devil Mon” Dore
GHEDI Spring 2012:  Trophy forgotten at home by our own Scorekeeper (what did we expect).  Awarded to Devil Mon once again.

Closest to Pin (CTP)
Two holes were set and this year Dave ‘Lucky’ Hodgman took them both with a haul of $38.  See that this is reported to the IRS….


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