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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Frost Bowl January 2013

D.O.D.J.  What does that mean to you?  Read this entry at your peril to the end.

As noted in the Leisure Log, there are things one can do with almost no budget that have HUGE leisure memories.  Those memories are the ones we can hopefully remember when in our dotage!

This Disc Golf Tournament was sponsored by the Doorman at his Alpenglow course located in the wilds of Devil's Mountain outside of Mount Vernon WA.  Our thanks to him for hosting.  

The clubhouse had many snacks brought by all and served as the Scorekeeper's lair.    More photos needed, soon come.

The report below was sent out by our host and was approved for release in this venue.  Leave comments as you can.

The Icy 18 was played first and the NumbNuts 9.  Scores are documented below.

Count Enrico Ferrari

The few...... the brave....... the frost bowlers.
In attendance: E. Ferrari, Blingster, M. Khadafi, Sunshine, Joyful Stranger, Boneman, Doorman, Lucky Dave
Excellent winter throwing conditions.
Alpenglow Belt taken by Lucky Dave on #4 (the Orca) after being held by theBoneman for more than 2 years! 
A new best score on the NINE!  Ian Sloan with a +1.  Previously shared by Ferrari, Bling, and Doorman
note:  Hole #5 remains un-parred. (unparrable?)
Pond walkers were sighted. In apparent defiance of D.O.D.J. guidelines some foolhardy players are reported to have braved the ice.  Any information as to their identities will be appreciated.  Anonymity of informants is guaranteed.
Thanks to those who went beyond the call of duty to bring snacks, and to Joy Sloan for an outstanding graphic depiction of the day's play.
Lucky Dave celebrating the winning of the Ace Belt and getting a snuggle from our Head Scorekeeper Joyful Stranger
and loyal AMAZING DISC DOG, Porter!

There were reports that pants with holes in the back might be attacked and ripped off!  The gleam is noticeable, will she have her way with him?
The statistics and the coining of the DODJ (see bottom of the score sheet).

There was a lot of speculation on this Acronym that was put forward by the Doorman as a what he thought would be a perfectly known phrase.  Scholars have concluded, after extensive research online and on disc courses that this was the birth of the now famous phrase.

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