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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

GHEDI Fall of 2021

GHEDI Fall of 2021

Saturday, September 25

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Skat, Acehole, Hawkeye, The Count, and Joyeux
before the start of the tourney.

Sponsored by Parke Ave. Investments.

  GHEDI = Griffin Hill Equinox Disc Invitational

The weather was ordered to be 75+ and that came through.  Invitations were sent out and these addicts showed up to throw discs, gamble money on their skills, eat way too much and in general paste a grin on their faces.

Should one wish to see a map of the course, then click here.  There are two courses, one 18 that we play as singles, and the 10 hole course that we partner up the best and worst to play a round of best disc..

Jerry Garcia modeling his Best Dressed Costume.
Photo by The Rear Admiral

16 brave players of Disc Golf pose for the capturing of image.
GHEDI Fall of 2021.
First GHEDI in 1.5 years
. (Covid was raging)

Photo by Joyeux

Dragon Slayer scoring an ACE on hole 12, The white trash target.

Art work done by THE DOORMAN (our resident Scorekeeper)
Assisted by Hawkeye and Joyeux

An example of clean up used to sanitize the cookware after the GHEDI.

Lost and /Found after the tournament:

Lost and Found sweatshirt

Cooler, backpack of Bloody Marys, and a nice 
sun shirt.

Tribute to the course?  This note was found at the #5 tee.
There is a fascination of the organic material
found on the horse farm.
Apparently this is supposed to be a complement to the HOT GAME of the Count.

Putting into either hole 13 or hole 5, depending on which way you are going.

The Count attempting to take off a stroke by hitting the stop sign and end 
up in the target.  Added +2 taking a 5 to complete the drama.

To consider all the fun on this target, one can recall the moment when The President took an 8 by trying to take a stroke off.  This target is just a temptation that will bite your score to a poisonous height.  Much like eating a donut!  It looks so good but afterwards, what did you really get?  Good for self reflection.

Cajun setting up the 4 CTP cards, Dragon Slayer chowing down, Hawkeye doing 
assistant scorekeeping, and the Doorman entering data
on the scoresheet.

Prize Table of Loot!
Lots of nice plastic, wine, and featuring the most decorated
trophy, the 2nd Place in the 10 hole round.

Griffins abound on Griffin Hill
Photo by Joyeux

This is kept in just for fun!  Good folk all!

Putt UP or Shut UP contest.  Dragon Slayer taking it 
to the longest and making short work of his 
competition.  36'6"

If you bang a horse, bad things go to your karma.
Photo by Joyeux

Pointing out the Adder.  This stop sign 
added many strokes for many players.
All you have to do is hit the sign and go 
into the target.  Takes off one stroke..

That is the theory....

Hawkeye reporting his
stolen car for the 2nd time.
His car has been stolen 4xs!

Dragon Chaser shooting #8.

The sun shining bright on #9
or possibly #8

Photo by Acehole

Approaching #13
Photo by Acehole

Proud to fly the American
Flag.  Shooting #6

Photo by Acehole

Deep in the shadows
Photo by Acehole

A group of 4 heading to Jerry Garcia Way.
Joyeux, Cajun, Count, and Hawkeye
Photo by Acehole

The Count, Bling, the President
Doorman, and Joyeux
Photo by Acehole

The Doorman doing due diligence as Scorekeeper.
Photo by Acehole

The clubhouse in wide angle.
Foreground is Hawkeye and Matteo

Photo by Acehole

Awards as noted by the Scorekeeper:

There were many other awards given but not all noted.  We had to distribute the loot somehow!

Best Shooter on the 18 (after a CTP playoff) -10 was shot by 3 players but Cajun is the winner

2md Place Trophy:  Joyeux and Skat (who took it home for display)

Nutcracker Award goes to B.Eh! (hit by a disc)

Forget Me NOT goes to the Rear Admiral

PCMI:  (Returned by B-eh ) Pussy who Couldn't Make It.  goes to Biscuit in absentee

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